IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2008-07-07

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j^2aon: how does it feel to be a free man? :D08:17
mike_ksepen, pitillo: I've quickly put this together  please, express your opinions and extend that. I'd like to discuss it before next week's tuesday08:17
sepenok Im going to08:18
mike_kI am unsure where to put such kind of things. some kind of temporary wiki would work08:18
sepenpitillo is back, so he will do it tomorrow as sure08:19
sepenmike_k, I use my own web server for some things08:20
sepenbut I can't see a problem if we use something like
sepenor better
sepenor similar08:21
aonj^2: fine08:21
aonhome ->08:21
mike_ksepen: hmm, I've totally forgot I have a dyndns account for a home crux router. I should setup some simple wiki.08:22
sepenmike_k, also personally I think the DE discussion would be right in the -devel ML08:24
sepenimho, casual meetings are less visible than the mailing lists08:25
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sepenmike_k, lol 'port duplaction'08:26
sepensounds as my english08:26
mike_kuff, I was in a hurry. and yes, my english is that bad.08:26
sepenmine worst08:28
mike_kno, mine!08:30
sepenno, wine!08:37
nipuLi am badder english making08:38
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tilmanrehabdoll: you killed ?11:22
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rehabdolltilman: yeah, moved the remaining ports to
rehabdollit was just virtualbox and boost i think12:34
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tilmanrehabdoll: okay12:39
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nipuLfinally got my x86_64 ports in sync with i686 repos again18:53
nipuLoh, wait, still have to do xorg... :[18:54
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nipuLi have my core and opt ports online now.

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