IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2008-07-09

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juesepen: looks like there's a bug in your repoverify03:11
sepenhmm possible03:12
sepenbut where?03:12
sepenyou mean about wlist usage?03:12
jueplease have a look at my /usr/portsopt/evilwm03:12
jueno, wrt deps03:13
sepenwait a momment please, I had some problems with my isp and now I have missconfigured (no dns name)03:13
juethe first warn is ok (xorg-libxext), but the two errors are wrong03:14
sepenI'll do another report too03:14
sepenohh yeah03:14
sepenI see, is a problem related to opt_repodeps03:14
sepenshould be fixed to opt_repodeps=(core opt xorg)03:14
sepencould be that?03:14
juejust looking at your nice report, at
sepenyeah, looks like crux03:18
sepenbut still debugging css03:18
sepennow better03:24
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sepenjue, seems that now its fixed03:38
sepen$ repoverify opt -ll info -p evilwm03:38
sepenWARN   Redundant deps for evilwm are: xorg-libxext03:38
sepenjust calling to $ /usr/bin/prtverify -l 15 -m missing-deps -c /usr/ports/core -c /usr/ports/opt -c /usr/ports/xorg /usr/ports/opt/evilwm03:39
sepenand the same por -m file-conflict03:39
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sepenthanks for pointing thatt04:47
juesepen: thank you, great work!04:49
sepenI uploaded new reports for core and opt, now doing xorg and contrib reports04:50
sepenjue, I'm still thinking about external wlist path :)04:51
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nipuLkind of odd that flyspray isn't in ports...19:19
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nipuLthe beginnings of a flyspray bot

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