IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2008-07-10

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cptnnipuL: looking good :-)01:00
nipuLurllib2 is pretty nice to use now that i finally understand it01:11
cptnthe script looks very clean indeed01:12
nipuLmuch cleaner than that other abomination01:12
nipuLi'm trying to make it somewhat reusable too01:12
nipuLmight add rss reading capabilities to, so you can get tasks from the cli aswell01:15
cptnyou could probably add that to the 'webtools' git repo01:17
cptnbut we'll have to bother tilman regarding permissions I guess :-)01:17
nipuLi don't mind hosting it on
nipuLi've decided on a name01:34
sepenI mean to get ideas for meetings02:05
pitilloI think most of them are covered by the casual meetings atm, but it's a good reference02:06
sepenthey called it 'council'02:08
sependev council02:08
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pitilloen kuanto me konteste le dire ke si puede entrar al sparc64 a ver ke dise02:25
pitillosorry, bad window :(02:25
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nipuLhmm, i should give some tlc to mythtv at some stage06:18
nipuLi got lazy and installed mythbuntu on my media center06:19
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tilmancptn: me bother? :p10:14
cptnI was just wondering what policy we have for git commit access10:18
cptnfor the non-ports stuff10:18
tilmani usually roll a die and check my gut feeling10:22
tilmananyway; sure, nipul can have git access if he wants/needs it10:27
tilmancptn: re. policy; i think it should be trivial for opt maintainers to get git access ;)10:28
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tilman.oO(did you move a wiki page today?)12:45
aonwow, i fixed my ups13:31
aonturns out it was at the minimum voltage tolerance setting13:32
aonand apparently we're out of bounds :)13:32
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aonbtw, "Back-UPS" is quite a crappy product name13:56
aonespecially when you search for back-ups that won't go online13:56
aonyou get all the wrong stuff13:56
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nipuLbah, flyspray limits the number of items in a feed to 20 max18:11
nipuLeven more annoying, only 10 or 20 entries18:23
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