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spaceninjaI was thinking, because this is a development channel, could someone try to set up lighttpd with php-fcgi and  php? I mean, is it possible, or is there some kind of bug? I've tried to solve this for 2 weeks now.03:19
tilmanyou're almost making me install lighty and frigging php-fcgi03:20
spaceninjaplease do it, it's easy to remove, it's crux you know :)03:20
teKI do have this combo running and working03:21
spaceninjayou do?03:21
teKbut not with postgresql but with mysql.03:21
spaceninjacan I see your lightttpd.conf file?03:21
spaceninjaok, but I haven't got so far yet03:21
spaceninjaI just want lighttpd fcgi and php.03:21
tilmanteK: the database should be irrelevant to his problem03:21
teKspaceninja: of course03:22
teKgive me a second03:22
spaceninjayep thanks03:22
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cptnspaceninja: wouldn't this rather belong to #crux03:29
cptnor maybe even a lighttpd channel?03:29
cptndon't really see how it's related to the development of CRUX as is03:30
tilmancptn: he asked in #crux 123 times and got desperate ;)03:30
teK+ we won't disrupt any discussion in here *g*03:30
cptnfair enough :-)03:31
teKomg tilman03:31
teK/etc/               Configuration files for system software (daemons, etc) <-03:31
teKfrom the handbook. The discussion about this will be great fun. Really.03:32
spaceninjateK: 404 - Not Found03:32
spaceninjathanks alot! :)03:34
teKIF this helps: you're welcome03:34
teKthe chroot-part tricked me once, too03:34
spaceninjaYES IT'S WORKING, it was the chroot part, I commented out the chroot operation, and used non-chroot operation. THANKS, finally I can go on with my life :D03:41
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* teK puts away his crystal ball03:42
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cptnI told him over 20 days ago to read up on lighttpd.conf03:48
cptnin the context of chroots03:48
teKaon's leetness just raised about 20%03:50
aonah, it's been like that for years, except for a couple of small pauses when i didn't have a tunnel03:52
aonnow my dns just isn't working for some reason03:52 domain name pointer
aonfreenode is failing for some reason03:53
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nipuLwhy, hello spraybot21:31
nipuLspraybot: 33021:31
spraybotFS#330 - Close tasks from the CLI21:31
nipuLspraybot: 300021:32
spraybotcould not find details for FS#300021:32
geomspraybot: play dead21:33
geomgood boy..:-P21:34
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nipuLspraybot: 300021:48
spraybotCLISPRAY ERROR: Error #10: This task does not exist.21:49
nipuLthat's better21:49
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nipuLspraybot: 300021:52
spraybotFS#3000 - CLISPRAY ERROR: Error #10: This task does not exist.21:52
nipuLok, bye bye spraybot21:53
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