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nipuL%task 33001:38
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nipuL%task 33001:39
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nipuL%task 33001:42
spraybotFS#330 - Close tasks from the CLI01:42
nipuL%task 330 url01:42
spraybotFS#330 -
nipuL%task 330 assigned01:42
spraybotFS#330 - Assigned to: No-one01:42
tilmannipuL: nice03:28
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nipuL<3 twisted04:22
tilmanthere, better pkgadd in pkgutils604:38
nipuLdoes that mean it's usable now?04:38
tilmani replaced the linked list that holds the packages in PkgDatabase by a search tree04:39
tilmanso package lookup is faster, and pkgadd actually puts the new package in the right spot in the database04:39
tilmani think i'll work on more needed features today04:41
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tilmannipuL: why is int_fast8_t == int8_t on this x86_64 system? i was expecting it to be a 32 bit int06:18
nipuLwhy would it be 32bit?06:25
nipuLby definition it should be 8 shouldn't it?06:25
tilmanfoo_fastX_t is the fastest foo type that is at least X bits wide06:25
tilmanhandling 32 bit types should be easier for a 32/64 bit cpu than 8 bit types06:26
nipuLjust looking in stdint.h06:29
nipuLtypedef signed char             int_fast8_t;06:30
tilmansure, but *why*? :P06:31
nipuLi'm not architecture export, but i'd guess the cpu is designed to efficiently handle characters06:31
tilmaneg int_fast16_t and int_fast32_t are both 64 bit :)06:31
nipuLd/eg/ ;P06:31
nipuLarg, fail06:31
teKregexp whores06:32
nipuLthat's what she sed06:32
nipuLbut that's my guess. the cpu has optimizations to handle ascii06:33
nipuLso they cheated by using to handle general purpose 8bit length integers06:34
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