IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2008-07-16

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teKyay, nipuL00:42
spraybotFS#333 - pkgmk parallel fails00:43
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aonseems like the university isn't using flyspray for their ticket tracking :-(02:49
aonMessage-ID: [...]JavaMail.SYSTEM@smtp.uta.fi02:49
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teK~= hooray (for Java)03:33
aonwell, turns out they had deleted my account03:39
aonso, in order to get a new one, i have to03:39
aon1) print out a form03:39
aon2) fill it03:39
aon3) mail it to them03:39
aon4) get a reply back03:39
aon5) go to a website03:39
aon6) activate the account with my bank security credentials03:40
aon7) ???03:40
aon8) profit03:40
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aoni could also go there, but i can't be bothered03:52
aonit's a bit far anyway03:52
aonfor the student card i actually need to go there03:52
geomaon, are you still studying there ?03:52
aoni'm just starting03:52
aoni got accepted in 2007 but was absent for autumn 2007 and spring 2008 because of my conscription03:53
geomah well thats silly of them03:53
geomUniversity of Tampere ?03:53
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aonis this the release with enhanced speed and less memory consumption?12:45
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