IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2008-07-18

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Rotwangexecuse me, wtf are you doing?05:15
igloocodeRotwang, me?05:16
Rotwangmmh, yes ;]05:17
igloocodeits mwansa or geom. i always hang out in here. kinda intrested in the devel stuff and what bugs are found etc05:17
igloocodesorry bout the nicks etc05:17
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Rotwanggeom == mwansa == igloocode; k ;]05:21
igloocodestill working on prt-get colouring05:42
Rotwangslowly :p05:48
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tilmancptn: say i'm running: pkgadd foo.pkg.tar.gz bar.pkg.tar.gz09:42
tilmanshould we commit/sync the database after each package was added?09:42
tilmanor should we sync it once after everything's done?09:42
tilman(we're locking the file, so no other process can add stuff in between)09:43
tilmanis syncing twice important for safety?09:43
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teKtilman: in case of a system crash the database could be out of sync10:49
tilmanright, stupid question10:51
teKwell, this won't solve the problem if this happens during extraction of the $name#$version tarball10:52
teKbtw: right now it sounds kinda stupid  / superflous to me to a) make install b) tar-gz the result c) install the package by extracting it again10:53
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teKit would be cool if one could tell pkgmk to directly install from work/ to root and then simply delete work if everything went fine10:54
tilmanot worth the effort10:57
teKdo once profit often10:57
teKI do find /usr/ports -name '*#*tar.gz' -exec rm -f '{}' \; on a regular bassi10:58
teK'f course one can tune this by setting PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR10:58
tilmanit just isn't a good idea12:23
Rotwang1teK: pkgadd neds to be patched in this case12:25
teKtilman: if you say so12:27
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nipuLinstalling from work/pkg sounds like an awful idea to me18:55
nipuLmight as well paint a target on your foot and give you a handgun18:57
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