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teKoh well,  one can screw tarballs up, too03:16
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nipuLyeah, but atleast you get a footprint04:00
teKas the footprint is created by the maintainer and i can compare to the work-directory, too: I don't care?04:02
nipuLwell as long as you don't care about regression :)04:13
teKagain: I usually delete the tarball after it got extracted to / (ie installed)04:14
teKI guess most of us do.04:14
tilmanyou don't want to lose the ability to install *.pkg.tar.gz04:18
tilmanand you don't want to write the code twice04:18
teKif I (as a user) configure pkgmk I do want this :-)04:18
teKand I won't go crazy if this will not be possible. It's still redundancy04:19
treachtilman: seen Bretts mail?04:28
tilmanreading the diff now to verify04:29
tilmanmozilla's release politics are so retarded04:30
tilmanwe should all switch to lynx04:30
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nipuL!FS#334 url11:46
spraybotFS#334 -
spraybotFS#334 - Xulrunner requires bump to resolve security issue.11:57
* aon is going to try opera11:58
tilman!FS#334 status12:02
mike_knipuL: what is a quick way to get a kind of multilib crux running? I see no iso instructions. Should I build verything from in a chroot?12:25
mike_ktilman: sorry, what is a current procedure to add(test) ports to opt-x86-64, for example?12:30
aonalthough it's not multilib afaik12:52
treachthat's not multilib, but maybe it's easier to get things started from that point.12:52
mike_kI'd like to start from smth to be able to build current versions after that12:54
mike_kI wonder how curerrent core/opt x86_64 ports are build and tested12:54
treachafaik, they are built on rehabdoll's computer, and tested by naïve volonteers ;)12:56
treachnot sure if anyone but nipuL uses his stuff. I'd guess most 64b users here are on the Hannes Mayer/rehabdoll/tilman(?) stuff.12:57
aonjudging from the amount of missing deps they're not tested at all12:58
* mike_k looks confused12:59
treachat least not much.12:59
treachmike_k: it's a skunk work project actually atm12:59
tilmanmike_k: you can start by installing the iso12:59
tilmanmike_k: then edit /etc/ports/*.rsync to point to the x86_64 repos on crux.nu13:00
mike_ktilman: are you acting this way?13:00
tilmanas aon already pointed out, {core,opt}-x86_64 are really missing lots of stuff13:00
tilmani'm often installing stuff from ~/devel/crux/ports/opt13:00
tilmanmike_k: i acted this way %)13:00
aontilman: yeah13:00
mike_ktilman: thanks13:00
aonoh, so there are rsyncs of them?13:01
tilmanmike_k: if you'd like to help out with opt-x86_64 ("arch maintainer"), we can probably give you +w13:01
tilmanaon: yes13:01
tilmani announced the names on the crux-devel list way back13:01
tilmanjust append -x86_6413:01
tilman(core, opt, xorg)13:01
aonnot that i probably would use them anyway, since git's niftier13:02
mike_ktilman: I am not sure at this point. I'll probably ask for access if I'll end up playing with this at work. I have no workstation here for that =(13:03
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tilmanmike_k: okay13:04
tilmanthis crappy script might be handy when importing stuff from opt to opt-x86_6413:05
tilmanyou'll look like an idiot if you run it without changing it though ;)13:05
mike_ktilman: thanks =))13:05
nipuLmike_k: i don't think you can just switch from pure64 to multilib13:08
nipuLmultilib gcc needs glibc-compat3213:08
nipuLglibc-compat32 needs multilib gcc13:08
nipuLif you have an i686 laying around you could build a 32bit glibc13:09
nipuLotherwise you need to have the intial packages13:10
treachgcc can't "cross-compile" 32bit versions of the needed libs?13:11
nipuLi suppose you could do it that way too13:11
nipuLtilman: i have something similar
mike_knipuL: okay. I actually don't need any compat-32 stuff for the "server" setup. I just want to be sure I can upgrade this to "official" crux-64(multilib) later...13:12
nipuLon a server only setup without any proprietry software, pure64 should be fine13:14
mike_konly an adaptec crappy cli tool, which is available in x86-64 form too13:16
treachtilman: btw, a little bump for ff in x86_64?13:16
tilmanyeah ;D13:16
nipuLi'm thinking of having my x86_64 ports as a branch of the 2.4 git repo, taht way i can cherry pick commits rather than hand edit them13:17
mike_kI can't find port trees or any additional information related to iso's  Are there any of these?13:44
treachthe ports are on crux.nu13:45
mike_ko_O  was it stated somewhere between the lines on the ml?13:50
mike_kI guess iso has more ports than on the *-x86_64.git branches on crux.nu13:51
mike_kI hope it contains working /etc/ports/* inside13:52
treachmike_k: as I said, it's a skunk work project. it's not official in any way, shape or form.13:53
mike_kI might _need_  x86_64 in production, but just can't use anything but crux. it's addictive.13:55
aonyeah, it forces you to see how much worse everything else is14:07
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