IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2008-07-20

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* rehabdoll slaps tilman 12:55
rehabdollgit permissions again D;12:55
tilmani probably fail at unix12:58
tilmanrehabdoll: fixed12:58
rehabdollbtw, sorry for the lack of updates.. i basically work 11hrs/day 6days a week at the moment12:59
rehabdollcause eeeeeeveryone has to have vacation13:00
treachand it's a 2h walk to work, uphill both ways and 6' of snow? :p13:00
rehabdollhow did you know?!13:01
treachgut feeling. :p13:01
tilmanrehabdoll: np at all, since nobody is supposed to be using x86_64 in production :D13:02
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aonwhat, no?13:52
aonyou mean i took eight millions of loan for nothing?13:53
tilmannobody except people who are awesome!13:53
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nipuLoh crap, we;re not supposed to use 64bit in production?18:21
nipuLman i'm in trouble18:21
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