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nipuLgot php is ugly01:54
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namenlosi know, i got to maintain a page, i haven't written, and the code is the worst i ever saw01:55
namenlosyou find *_old *_back *_orig files all over the place01:56
namenlosi think the developer never heared the word "versioncontrol" ;)01:56
namenlosthe most extreme part of php is, that you can define a variable, include another php file and this variable exists in the included phpfile, too01:58
nipuLphp: namespaces are for chumps!02:09
nipuLbut then, you can do the same thing in C02:11
nipuLis that a site you're working on?02:12
namenlosyes :(02:12
namenlosthey want a whole redesign (which wouldn't be a problem, if there would be some kind of structure...)02:13
nipuLyet another "action sports" site that completely neglects inline02:13
namenlosit's only a online shop02:13
nipuLi know02:13
namenlosand i would prefer c over php02:14
namenlosthen i would have less function names to remember ;)02:14
nipuLit's harder to get away with crappy programming practices in c aswell02:14
nipuLwhile it is possible, you have to be really good at writting crap code02:15
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namenlosi just found out, that the callls functions he has defined in a table to generate code...02:24
nipuLyou'll have to run that by me again02:34
cptnwhat about using a lightweight python framework for portdb?02:35
sepenI've also a nice php template class for printing html02:35
sepenphp is not as bad02:36
namenlossepen: smarty?02:36
sepenno no02:36
sepenmy own one02:36
sepenI've a project in sourceforge called portalphp02:36
sepen1 moment02:36
namenlosi try to avoid multiple scripting languages on webservers. and php is already installed for pmwiki already02:38
nipuLcptn: i was planning to reqrite in python, but it can be a memory hog02:38
namenlosnipuL, you tried smarty?02:39
aontemplate engines in php are pointless02:39
nipuLno, i try to avoid php02:39
nipuLgive me a django instance any day02:39
sepenmy template class (kiss)
sepene.g: $tpl = new Template("example.thtml"); $tpl_html = array("KEY1" => $value1, ....); echo $tpl->get($tpl_html);02:44
sepen:) so ugly02:44
nipuLeven uglier02:46
sepen:[ toHtml02:47
nipuLyea, i'd like to get rid of all the embedded html02:48
nipuLbut the advantage is the db query is seperated from the display02:49
nipuLit probably shows that i haven't done any php hacking in about a year02:51
sepenwell I have some knowledgements about php4, not php5 classes02:51
sepenI think its too different02:51
nipuLi come from a python background, it was natural for me to go with classes02:52
sepenand would be pretty nice02:52
sepen+1 for mod_python02:52
sepenwell, bbl02:52
nipuL+1 wsgi02:53
nipuLdammit, where's my wife, i finished work 25 minutes ago02:54
sepentilman, ping03:59
nipuLis there any reason portdb is still using sqlite2?04:18
nipuLsqlite portdb.db .dump | sqlite3 portdb-new.db04:18
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sepenI tested my new mail alias, but I've an extra line at bottom page 'Meddelandet har kontrollerats mot virus samt skadligt inneh�ll av MailScanner och f�rmodas vara s�kert.', is that correct?05:11
aonthat's the mail scanner at kalmar05:17
aonso yes05:17
aon"the information has been checked for viruses and malicious content by MailScanner and is presumed to be safe"05:20
aonor something05:20
nipuLsepen: i cleaned up toHTML a bit
sepenok aon05:20
sepenusing something like wsgi whould be better anyway05:21
nipuLi concur05:22
nipuLpack to the python editor ;)05:22
sepenrow$row ??05:23
sepenfor css'ing lateR?05:23
sepennipuL, with the new portdb we can read files rsync'ed, I mean (P | F | M) files via browser05:24
sepen*err question mark -> ?05:25
nipuLprobably not unless they were on the local server05:29
nipuLmaybe add a rsync:// href then let the browser deal with it05:29
sepencan't be added to sqlite db?05:30
sepennope, bad idea05:30
sepenI'm wondering about large files commited on private repos05:31
sepenspecially newbie repos05:31
sepenbad idea, of course05:31
nipuLor just large repos in general05:31
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sepenshould I change my maitaniner line to sepen at crux dot nu?09:25
aonnot unless you want to do so09:29
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sepenok but sounds pretty cool :)09:59
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aonbut it's a bit long :)10:29
sepennow I'm using @ users . sourceforge . net10:31
sepenso I'll migrate to alias10:31
aonpoplar[~]$ perl -e 'print length "aon\"," vs ",length "aon\","\n";'10:33
aon10 vs 1110:33
tilmaneverything's red10:34
tilmantotal hilight overdose today10:34
tilmanaon: :D10:34
treachhah, mcgyver reccomends a visit to a camera shop. :D10:34
aonthe mcgyver xkcd a while ago was great10:35
sepenaon, lol10:35
treachtilman: maybe you should change your colortheme now and then. :)10:36
aoncan it be that there's no tnftp in opt or contrib10:36
aonguess i'll need to add it10:37
aonno proper vi either10:38
* tilman coughs10:41
tilmansepen: pong10:45
sepentilman, ping pong10:46
sepenoh was about this line on my mail ''Meddelandet har kontrollerats mot virus ...''10:46
sepenaon, answered me10:46
sepenoops, *err  aon answered me10:47
tilmanwe stuck that in so that people learn some swedish10:47
tilmanyou never know when it might come handy10:47
treachheh, full marks on the translation, aon. :)10:47
sepengoing to home, bbl11:00
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nipuLhmm, i'm not sure if i'll use my crux alias. i quite like my domain18:53
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