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jueaon: thanks, works14:28
aonbtw, do you have any idea why ck4up checks a few urls correctly but after that everything fails with 'hostname not known' or execution expired14:29
aonno connection problems otherwise14:29
jueyeah, see the same problem from time to time, you can fix that by removing the line "require 'resolv-replace'"14:31
juenp, please tell me if you see that error even though14:34
jueck4up might be a little bit slower after that, cause DNS calls are serialized14:36
aonbut now it seems to resolve correctly14:38
jueyeah, probably a bug in resolv-replace14:39
juesometime I'll write a test-case to be able to make a useful bug-report14:41
juebtw, you are the first reporting that issue ...14:41
aonso that probably means that a) others don't hit the bug or b) they never check for updates :)14:43
jueyep, right :)14:43
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sepentilman, could I have permissions for updating ?14:53
tilmanjue, cptn: may i give sepen sudo permissions?14:55
sepenall I need is www permisions no?14:55
tilmanmmh, let me check14:55
sepenor be able to use rsync or scp ...14:55
sepenno idea how is configured, sorry14:56
aonnow that it's come up again, could i upload netpbm there too?14:56
tilmanmaybe people should use ~/public_html/distfiles?14:56
tilmanand only crux productions like pkgutils go in /files/distfiles?14:57
aonpreferably so, but i don't have any access on crux.nu14:57
sepenI propose disfiles/xfce14:57
sepenfor me14:57
sepenor maybe distfiles/$repo14:57
aoni mean, that's how it's done elsewhere afaik14:57
tilmanwe can also symlink stuff14:57
aonwhat's wrong with ~foo?14:57
tilman /files/distfiles/xfce -> /home/sepen/public_html/distfiles/xfce14:57
sepenhmmm nice14:58
tilman~foo would be most simple, true14:58
tilmani'll enable ssh for both of you14:58
cptnwhich distfiles do we host on
sepen^^ xfburn14:58
tilmanpkgutils, ports, kernel-headers14:58
cptnI mean, is it our just to provide stuff like xfburn14:58
cptnwhich doesn't have any official releases?14:59
jueI have some vim patches and man-pages in my ~/public_html/14:59
aonnetpbm has releases but they don't make tarballs of them14:59
tilmancptn: "our just"? %)14:59
sepencptn, I talked with the xfburn guy and he told me that the last svn stable is the right one14:59
cptnsepen: so why don't they make a release?14:59
sepenaon, similar to xfburn14:59
tilmansepen, aon: you should be able to ssh crux.nu14:59
sepentilman, done15:00
cptnI mean, we're not supposed to host ISOs on for example15:00
sepencptn, yeah we will be care15:00
cptnso we shouldn't start putting randum distfiles up there15:00
sepen*err take care15:00
sepenI'll ask before put any file15:01
sepenso ATM xfburn was accepted15:01
tilmanof course15:01
tilmanwe've had xfburn on for a while now15:01
tilmanany good reason to make me mess with the directory structure and _not_ use ~foo? :p15:02
juecptn: I can host that on as well, but I thought that core stuff fits well on ?15:03
sepenwell where will be appear placed files? I mean for using it xfburn on his Pkgfile15:03
cptnjue: sure, just wondering what the policy should be15:04
cptntilman: can there be multiple UserDir directives in apache?15:04
tilmandon't ask me! ;p15:04
cptnthen we could have a separate one for distfiles15:04
cptnso /home/sepen/distfiles ->
tilmanhow would that work? i don't get it15:05
juewhats the problem with ~/public_html/foo15:05
sepencptn, why not distfiles/$repo ?15:05
cptnsepen: ?15:05
tilmansepen: what does that buy you?15:05
cptnsepen: do you want a user account for every repo?15:05
sepenno no15:06
cptnjue: nothing, but it's not hierarchically15:06
tilmanthe directory should not be large anyway15:06
tilmanso putting all of your stuff in one directory should be okay i think15:06
cptnfor the distfiles/~... thing, all distfiles would be in a single tree15:06
cptnyeah, it's just details15:06
cptnpeople won't notice anyway :-)15:06
cptnI just thought it might be nice to have uniform URLs which contain "distfiles" somewhere15:07
sepenfor me its ok15:07
tilmanright, nobody will notice :)15:08
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