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tilmanmaybe someone should help viper with the portsdb administration11:37
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sepenI think I discovered a fix for pkgmk, seems that it fails when gets some source files if they are placed in PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR and aren't urls13:20
aonwell, afaik you need to prefix those with file://13:21
sepencan someone verify them13:21
sepenaon, its so silly13:21
sepenfile://foo/bar/myfile.tar.gz also does the trick13:21
sepenI think with my patch we can avoid to use it13:21
sepenthe problem:
sepenthe patch:
sepenthe 'if test' returns true if "file://foo/bar/myfile" != "myfile"13:24
sepenso I added one more test before assigning file=pkgmk_source_dir/file13:25
tilmanthat's needed for ports which source archives cannot be downloaded?13:26
tilmanor rather, that's where the patch would help?13:26
sepenyeah, I mean virtualbox an others13:26
sepenalso is transparent for url sources13:26
sepenI think that you can't assign a variable if you don't check first if it exists in pkgmk_source_dir13:27
tilmani don't understand why the patch wasn't necessary until now :o13:28
tilmancould you explain again please?13:28
sepentilman, seems that something like file://foo/bar/xxx/myfile returns true13:29
sepenwell see the virtualbox's Pkgfile or other which you need to download manually sources13:29
tilmanso atm you need to put virtualbox-foo.tar.bz2 in the port's directory?13:30
sepenif you placed correctly your files in your pkgmk_source_dir and the Pkgfile don't have file://blablabla it fails13:30
tilmanie putting it in your SOURCE_DIR will fail like you pasted earlier?13:30
sepenyeah, or at least made a symlink13:30
sepenyep thats the issue13:30
Rotwang28sepen: but if the PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR is PWD nothing bad happens?13:31
sepenyes Rotwang2813:31
sepenmy patch is also a bit silly but it does the trick cleanly for other files13:32
tilmansepen: can you suggest the patch in a mail to crux-devel@?13:32
sepenat night or later13:33
tilmanlet's see whether anyone finds a bug with it (doubt it though)13:33
sepenok sounds nice13:33
sepenor could be added to FS in a ticket13:33
sepenI need time to write a descrpition in english comprensible for others13:35
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aonare tasks assigned to "crux developers" really supposed to go to crux@?23:35
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