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nipuLsepen: you might be interested in thise, i've started rewriting my portdb cli program06:38
sepenohh sure06:39
nipuLmuch cleaner than my last attempt06:40
sepenshould be added to the ticket on FS?06:43
sepenI stalled the development of my own cli script06:43
Rotwangsepen: show me :D06:43
nipuLwell my version of portdb fully supports xml06:43
nipuLfeel free to use it06:44
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sepennipuL, I'll checkout the project later, I really interested06:44
sepennipuL, be sure06:44
sepen11:37:13 <tilman> maybe someone should help viper with the portsdb administration06:44
sepennipuL, maybe you're interested on?06:45
nipuLi have an idea for a new portdb system06:45
nipuLbut i dont want to say too much, i have a habit of producing vapourware06:46
Rotwangvapourware hehe ;] sepen: could you show me that perl script?06:51
Rotwangi know its somewhere in your svn but ive forgotten link :{06:51
nipuLhmm, i think spraybot needs a search function06:52
nipuLso we can search for tasks based on their description06:52
spraybotFS#175 - Support XML output for the portdb06:56
nipuL!FS#175 url06:56
spraybotFS#175 -
sepenbut as I said I stalled his development06:59
sepenafter noticed that nipuL was also involved on another and more powerful script07:00
Rotwangk, I just like to browse crux related scripts ;]07:01
sepenI like pkg-desc as an alternative to prt-get blablabla
sepennipuL, from where I should git-clone pdb?07:09
nipuLi think git://
nipuLshould work07:10
Rotwangsepen: thx07:11
sepenI'll be happy if the are something interesting for you07:13
sepennipuL, works07:17
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tilmansepen: i was thinking of nipul or you, too, when i mentioned that :)10:01
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sepentilman, for me its ok :)10:58
tilmansepen: let's ask viper whether he could use some help next time he's on IRC10:59
tilmanor on tuesday, whatever comes first10:59
sepenok I think I could maintain the db and help to nipuL with the scripts11:00
sepenhe's doing a great job imho11:00
tilmanbut i was primarily thinking of handling new add-me-to-the-database requests11:00
tilmanbut i'm thrilled about having someone work on the db itself, too :)11:00
sepenmaybe we can discuss all topic in the next meeting11:00
tilmannot sure i can allocate all tuesday evening11:01
sepenhmm I remember that cptn left out these week right?11:01
tilmancptn is on vacation the next two weeks i think11:01
sepenhmm me from 7 to 14 of this month11:02
sepenalso I was wondering about ports maintainement by others distinct to the maintainer one11:03
tilmanpardon? :p11:03
sepenin other words, how many time for update a port that not belong to you?11:03
tilmanare you talking about a 'maintainer timeout' thing?11:04
sepenmostly for simone ports11:04
tilmanok, i guess we mean the same thing11:04
sepenheheh my spanglish11:04
sepenI found 'devtodo' so useful11:05
sepen:) nice port!11:05
tilmantoo bad it doesn't work that well with filesystems that are mounted with the 'noatime' option11:06
sepenno problems here11:06
sepenwell I don't use noatime11:06
Rotwangdevtodo, that might be useful ;]11:09
tilmansepen: *maybe* you could take over subversion from sip? i think you're a heavy svn user(?)11:15
sepenI was wondering the same11:16
sepenI'll write a mail to simone11:17
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tilmansepen: be careful not to offend him;)11:17
sepenI also wrote a mail to jaeger for adopting imlib2 from contrib to opt, but he seems on holidays no?¿11:17
sepentilman, ok I'll take care :)11:18
tilmanno idea11:18
sepenIll be polite11:18
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tilmani usually just poke jaeger here on freenode11:18
tilman/whois jaeger11:18
sepen$ /whereis `pkginfo -o clb`11:18
tilmansepen: see #crux, i just fixed opt/subversion a bit11:21
sepennice! so I'll create a new package mod_svn11:22
tilmanis that really needed though?11:22
tilmani thought the current approach worked rather well =)11:22
sepenyou mean without your last changeset?11:23
tilmani mean, do we really need a mod_svn port?11:23
sepenyeah for allowing svn PROP* methods through apache11:24
tilmani mean11:24
tilmanatm, mod_svn support is autodetected by opt/subversion11:25
tilmanif you have apache, you'll get mod_svn. if you don't have apache, you won't get it11:25
sepenbut you don't need all subversion for a production server11:25
sepenor yes?11:25
tilmanwell, you need svnadmin, too11:25
tilmanjust won't suffice on a server :)11:26
sepenthe fact is that the old footprint was created in a environment with apache installed11:26
sepenso really is not need it11:26
sepenyou have reason11:26
sepen+1 for you11:26
tilmans/you have reason/you're right/ ;)11:27
sepenwell you can close the ticket if you want11:27
sepenohh thanks11:27
tilmani think i already did close it :D11:27
tilmanmostly because i fixed the primary issue that the bug was about11:27
tilmanwhich is why i think there should be only one issue per bug11:28
tilmanotherwise things could get messy11:28
sepentilman, what do you think about usr/local files in opt ports?11:28
sepenI mean the qemu ticket11:28
sepenI respect simone but imho this ports isn't good candidate for opt11:29
tilmanqemu is in opt because it's so useful11:29
sepenyeah but it breaks all guidelines and handbooks11:30
tilmanyeah, i see your point11:30
sepenbinaries and local files11:30
sepenif I need qemu I think I can install it manually on my own box11:31
sepenimho in /opt/usr/local11:31
sepenthats for what we have /opt I suppose11:31
* tilman dislikes /opt11:31
tilmanpersonally, i use /usr/local for stuff that's installed manually11:32
sepenthe third level in FHS11:32
tilmanmaybe we can discuss this on tuesday11:32
tilmannot sure i'll have the time though :D11:32
RotwangI think opt should be allowed to put files into11:32
* Rotwang hides11:32
tilmaninto what, Rotwang?11:33
sepeninteresting conversation thanks tilman11:33
Rotwangtilman: i meant files into /opt dir11:33
tilmanbbl, too11:33
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sepenhey jue11:40
juesepen: I've talked to simone about the svn ticket yesterday11:41
sepenabout his maitainement too?11:42
sepenI think I could help simone for maintaining it11:43
juehe will continue to maintain the svn port with explicit disabled apache stuff, I have a mod_svn port ready which I'll commit as soon Simone has updated subversion and neon11:43
sependid you read the backlog?11:44
sepensome minutes ago11:44
sepenahh ok11:44
juethat's the reason for my comment ;-)11:44
sepenwell for me it sounds ok too11:44
juetilman: might be a little bit overkill, but I hate these optional things and the additional port is not a problem for me11:49
sepenjue, I read your comments on the qemu ticket, but what is your pesonally opinion?11:49
juehmm, I see no problem with it in opt, it's a useful port and I'm using qemu form time to time11:50
sepenwell just sounds something odd to have a official port that breaks the official rules11:51
jueand? there are good reasons11:52
sepenso close it11:52
jueopt is nothing special, just the repo for opt maintainer, not a extract of someting, nor specialy selected11:53
sepenhmm so I should close the ticket right?11:54
jueIMO yes11:54
sepenI want to propose a question for the next meeting about how long the overall timeline should be11:56
sepenatm 30 days but seems too large imho11:56
sepenI mean this link
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juetilman: that subversion behaviour is rather strange, I can confirm it for 1.5.112:22
tilmanhi jue12:23
tilmanjue: yeah, it's strange indeed :)12:23
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nipuLis anyone going to take nvidia?17:50
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nipuLi just got an email for an update request17:51
nipuLhmm, I think I have an an old MX4000 or something floating around at work I can use17:52
nipuLor has that been pushed to the legacy drivers?17:52

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