IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2008-08-02

aoni have some sort of a gf8 but i don't use it01:01
tilmancrap, i forgot nvidia is still in limbo01:10
tilmankind of gay how it's a moving target01:10
tilmanif you don't buy new nvidia hardware every 2 years (?), you cannot mantain the driver all the time01:11
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aontilman: that's probably where they get all their money from :)06:33
aondistro maintainers :)06:33
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nipuL$ ./ -r core -a search sed -i command08:07
nipuLrsync -aqz sed08:07
Rotwangnice ;D08:10
tilmanaon: hehe08:11
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juetilman: wrt udev, just wondering where a app like sane should put its rule-file, after reading udev(7) I'd say to /etc/udev/rules.d/08:24
tilmanhi jue08:26
tilmani'm not sure:)08:26
tilmanare sane's rules "custom"?08:26
juethey call it the "custom rules directory"08:26
juehmm, good question :)08:27
jueone might interpret it as "everything not supplied with udev"08:29
juebut, yeah, can be read as "everything the local admin adds" as well08:30
tilmanjue: let's go with /etc/... :)08:32
juefine, no need to change affected ports like sane/fuse :)08:34
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