IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2008-08-08

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tilmansomeone should write a meeting minutes mail08:20
tilmandon't think there's much too talk about, so it would be a quick job, too08:21
* tilman hopes for volunteers :D08:21
* mike_k wonders waht "meeting minutes mail" is08:37
aonit's a mail consisting of the minutes of the last meeting11:52
tilmanmike_k: oops, forgot to reply to you, sorry11:53
tilmanminutes = summary of what happened11:53
aon"20:01, 20:02, 20:03, etc..."11:53
* tilman slaps aon with a trout11:53
* mike_k is still unsure what is going on here11:56
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jueaon: seems they have fixed the 'resolv-replace' regression with newest ruby 1.8.7-p7112:18
jueso adding "require 'resolv-replace'" to ck4up should be save again12:22
aon okay12:26
tilmannipuL: 'pdb -a search foo' doesn't show the repo of the port -- maybe it should?12:46
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nipuLpdb -a search foo -i repo name16:57
nipuLman pdb16:59
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