IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2008-08-11

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aonheh, just realized yesterday that the only copy of my ssh key is on a computer that's shut down and located ~100km from here01:44
aonso no commits for me :)01:44
aonguess i should go get it01:44
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treachsomeone stop me if you think I'm too tough. :>11:14
aonah, there11:18
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tilmannipuL: there's poppler 0.8.5 btw14:14
teKi'm out, gn8 people14:51
treachbtw, tilman, how's your wm project proceeding? Sticking to safe good old ob? ;)14:53
tilmanteK: you know, you could just have screenshotted that virtualbox window ;p14:53
tilmantreach: not motivated to do anything14:53
treachah, ok14:53
treachstill pissed off by your car?14:54
treachI see.14:54
tilmanteK: looks good though14:54
treachmaybe you should look at one of these ->  More reliable, and easier to fix. ;p14:58
aontilman's writing a wm? :-O14:59
tilmanyeah, but d(home, work) = 40 km atm15:00
aonwill it have an integrated lynx for the ultimate BASICS experience?15:00
tilmanplus i'd be dead if i cycled that distance15:00
treachno, you wouldn't die, but get a hell of a stamina. :D15:00
tilmanaon: nah15:00
* aon is hacking elisp for a change15:00
tilmanbut i probably should15:01
tilmanconsidering i never wrote an editor. or an email client.15:01
treachI guess that means you're not a real programmer then. ;)15:01
aoni wonder what that makes stallman, then15:03
aonhe wrote an editor that has an email client :)15:03
treachA nutjob? :p15:03
tilmansmelly nutjob15:04
aonyeah :)15:04
aoni've never been at a smell-distance from stallman so can't comment on that15:04
tilmanmaybe it's just a legend15:04
aonsomeone who hosted him wrote that he showered a lot and drank loads of tea15:05
aonso dunno15:05
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rehabdolli didnt sense any odours from him when i met him15:41
rehabdollhe did pick stuff out of his beard a lot though15:42
Rotwangrehabdoll: you met stallman himself? :O15:42
Rotwangomg can i touch you? ;]15:43
rehabdollonly if you show me some $$$15:43
rehabdollwent to one of his talks last year15:43
Rotwangrehabdoll: where was it?15:43
rehabdolllinköping, sweden15:43
rehabdollat the uni15:44
Rotwangdamn, he never comes to poland :<15:44
Rotwangnot really a linux country15:45
Rotwangstallman to linux users is what pope is to catolics ;]15:46
rehabdollITS GNU/LINUX!15:48
Rotwangforgive me for i have sinned ;] GNU/LINUX of course im heretic now :{15:49
rehabdolland vi vi vi is the editor of the beast15:50
Rotwangbtw, seeing stallman my own eyes, is one of my dreams15:50
Rotwanghe reminds me of hitler15:50
Rotwanghe is sorta like, go GNU or DIE!!15:51
rehabdollnah.. he just got a bad pr-department15:52
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