IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2008-08-12

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aonwtf, poland is not a linux country?05:01
aoni have "smietnik" burned on my retinas from looking at so many kde screenshots :)05:02
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tilmanmeeting reminder fail12:19
Rotwangyou still got time ;]12:20
Rotwangsend it12:20
tilman30 minutes...12:23
teKi'm here :)13:10
Rotwangsip hadn't update pygtk x|13:15
tilmani didn't really want to partiicipate tonight, but.13:16
tilmanany new bugs?13:16
teKspaceninja told you about b0rked sourcen for glib?13:17
tilmanooh, i saw that13:17
teK:-)13:17 fails o_O13:18
teKwhich reminds me of my -do patch for prt-get13:18
tilmanthe one you worked on in january?13:19
teKtogether with -do and --test one could use prt-get to check for b0rken download-Sources13:19
teKtilman: yes13:19
teKYONKS ago *g*13:19
teKa friend of mine still watis for it to be incorporated13:19
tilmanpoor guy13:22
teKi just pasted this conversation, the I will leave the last line out13:23
teKboe_> ich patch regemaessig.13:24
teKi wanted to talk about the /usr/etc issue13:29
teKbut give me some time, _brb_13:29
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teKthe CRUX handbook states something about system-(daemon-)software belongs to /etc, everything else to /usr/etc13:37
teKwtf?! I don't want to look for configs in two directories. Point one. Point two is: what is a system daemon? msmtp places its config to /usr/etc.. what if I run it as root via cron to deliver mails from a queue (stupid example, I know)13:38
teKadditionally: /usr/etc is owned by root, the _system_ admin13:38
teKit's pointless, imho.13:38
teK+1s anyone?13:41
tilmanpersonally i don't care at all ;p13:42
teKI think jue stronlgy advises this policy13:42
aoni hate /usr/etc with a passion, too14:01
aonsince technically you could share a /usr between machines14:02
aonand then having configs there would butcher up stuff14:02
aon(at least i think that's the reasoning for not having /usr/local/etc or whatever in certain other camps)14:02
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