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nipuLanyone dared to take on building open office on x86_64 yet?07:15
aonnot me07:58
aoni've spent half of the day fighting with a single javascript problem and apparently it was all due to some div ids clashing08:00
aonhome ->08:00
nipuLnomenclature fail08:08
nipuLcrap, this isn't going to be fun08:20
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teKnipuL: looks like a hell lot of fun08:46
j^2aon: what's going on my finnish friend :D09:05
aonnot anything interesting09:15
aonstarting studies in two weeks09:15
aonor thereabout09:16
aonshould move the rest of my stuff to the new apt09:16
j^2i start next week, so close to finishing its crazy09:42
aonso what'll you be then?11:01
j^2i'm a senior now, so i have about 2 semesters left11:04
j^2hard to do it working full time, but it'll give me a great promotion, and raise :D11:05 what'll they call you when you graduate?11:10
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j^2heh, "fully employable" :P12:19
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j^2sooo, which is the "12:19 < spaceninja> which terminal is the fastest one?13:50
aonthe Tampere airport terminal was quite fast13:58
aonall the luggage was just dropped on the floor from the conveyor belt13:58
aonso you didn't have to wait for them to rotate13:59
aonit was the xvt of airport terminals14:00
j^2hahah nice :D14:11
j^2that's how i felt in Lubbocks airport...mainly because i was the _only_ person in it14:12
j^2it was kinda creepy14:12
aonwhere's lubbocks?14:13
aonah, Lubbock14:14
j^2place is a fraking jock14:21
aonof course, the one near my current home is even more of a joke :)14:28
j^2Pori Airport is an airport in Pori, Finland (IATA: POR, ICAO: EFPO).14:36
j^2that has to be the BEST article ever14:36
j^2for all the pics wikipedia has of Tampere Airport you'd get thrown into federal prison in the US14:39
aonah, so you can't take pictures of airports in the us?14:46
aonthere's one that documents that the said airport has camera surveillance :)14:47
j^2yeah, it's very much a federal offence, they'll take the camera from you, that's why they suggest you put all you camera equipment in your bags14:53
aoni also have a picture from London Stansted that's taken from the queue before the passport check14:54
aonapparently that's illegal, too :)14:54
j^2you fin's and your funny langauge :P14:54
aon"alueella" = "in area", "tallentava" = "recording" (actually "storing"), kameravalvonta = "camera surveillance"14:55
aonwe just don't use that many spaces :)14:55
j^2there's only so much "space" in this world, save it where you can!14:56
aonthat's also fun14:59
aonanyway, bed ->14:59
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