IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2008-08-17

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rehabdollare there any special hoops one needs to jump through to get +rw in contrib?14:29
Rotwangrehabdoll: you want to get to contrib?14:29
RotwangI guess you should apply then14:30
rehabdollwell i have a couple of ports that would fit nice in contrib, yeah14:30
teKreading the wiki about applying is one of those hoops14:30
Rotwangbut since you already have acces to git I guess it should be pretty straightforward14:30
Rotwangrehabdoll: if you get there you may take graveman if you wish ;]14:34
Rotwangahhh six week in the army \:D/14:34
RotwangI can't wait ;p14:34
aonarmy rulez14:35
aonespecially wrt crux14:35
aonbut six weeks?14:35
aonwill that be all?14:35
Rotwangyeah, it's special training for students14:36
aonpfft :p14:36
aon12 months or it didn't happen :p14:36
Rotwang~10 years ago they took for two years to army14:37
Rotwangbut poland goes to the "proffesional way" from now14:37
aonLet me know if you gain any experience on the KTO Rosomak ;)14:39
aonI've spent countless hours crawling in the Patria XA-202, which is a close relative of it :)14:39
Rotwangk ;]14:41
teKaon: lol :D14:48
teKwhich program/script in CRUX is responsible for filling /etc/mtab whith information? I only found rm -f /etc/mtab* in /etc/rc14:55
teKmaybe mount(1)?14:55
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