IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2008-08-20

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tilmannipuL: paste?13:28
tilmanthe footprint mismatch or whatever14:09
nipuL21:49 < nipuL>
tilmanah, i was too lazy to pgup14:10
tilmannipuL: do you ahve xorg-libxp installed?14:11
tilman(xprint crap)14:11
tilmani removed xorg-libxp etc some months ago14:13
tilmanxprint is dead14:13
nipuLthat fixed it14:17
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thalliumwhen new version pidgin in ports ?:)15:24
teKmail mainteiner / file a bug at
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nipuL!seen spraybot23:25
spraybotFS#347 - Don't cache downloads in pkgmk23:25
nipuLwould we like spraybot to notify to notify the channel of new tasks?23:27
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