IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2008-08-21

cptnsure, sounds like a good idea01:17
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sepentilman, ping13:12
tilmanpong but i don't really have time13:12
sepensee, sounds like 'autoreconf' is not needed
sepenI remove this line (on the second paste)13:13
sepenit does the autoreconf if aclocal is not found13:14
sepen>> cd . && /bin/sh /devel/work/src/shared-mime-info-0.51/missing --run autoconf13:14
sepen*Err, ooops13:16
sepen>> Makefile:935: *** missing separator.  Stop13:16
sepennp, well I try to find the solution and tell you later13:17
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sepentilman, $ sed 's|autoreconf|autoreconf -i|' -i /usr/ports/opt/shared-mime-info/Pkgfile14:22
sepentilman, it works here14:22
tilmanwhat bug does that fix?14:23
sepenseems that fail for some file which are required14:23
sepen*fails *files14:23
sepenman autoreconf >  -i = copy missing auxiliary files14:24
tilmanwhy does it not fail for me?14:31
sepenhmmm jtnl (crux-es) discovered it14:32
sepenalso it fails on my system14:32
tilmanstrange :|14:32
tilmansepen: pkginfo -i|grep autoconf14:32
sepenautoconf 2.62-114:32
sepenyeah it sounds weird14:32
sepenmaybe dependencies?14:33
sepen# Group: gnome ?14:33
sepenIm uptodate14:34
sepenwell without the last 'boost' version14:34
tilmannone of those should influence this problem :)14:35
sepennot yeah, just that Im uptodate14:35
sepenjust I've the last version of all shared-mimo-info deps14:36
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teKany volunteers for reading my first write up on CRUX+cryptsetup (with full disk encyption) [ for tomorrow ]?14:41
sepenan chrooted daemons? xD14:42
teKsudo chroot /dev/sepen /sbin/read -f cryptsetup-tutorial14:45
teKanyway. I'm offline. bye bye14:47
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sepenseems that the problem appears building shared-mime-info if autoconf-2.61 is installed18:31
sepenafter update autoconf it builds fine18:31
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