IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2008-08-22

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sepentilman, did you read my last report about the shared-mime-info issue?03:55
sepenseems that the problem dissapears after upgrade autoconf to the last version03:55
sepenbut it fails if autoconf-2.61 is still installed03:56
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tilmansepen: ???09:16
tilmansepen: core/autoconf is at 2.6209:16
cptnmaybe I should write a mail to crux@, reminding everyone that bugs should be reported directly to flyspray09:26
cptnnot directly to the maintainers anymore09:27
cptnapparently, that's unclear09:27
teKit won't fix spaceninja09:27
cptnare you sure? :-)09:29
cptnits worth trying09:29
teKgood luck :)09:34
teKhe will find other ways to annoy you09:34
cptnwell, I was more thinking about js09:34
cptnit's of no use if he complains in commit messages, but doesn't submit this stuff to flyspray09:35
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tilmanreports of people who can either confirm or reject js' theory would be appreciated btw09:56
teKgnome? over my dead, stinking body09:57
cptnI think this is only about udev :-)09:57
cptnif you have udev, hal and dbus, start the dbus and hald services09:58
cptnand run hal-device09:58
cptnapparently, lots of devices are missing09:58
cptndowngrading to a newer udev makes them reappear09:58
cptnunfortunately, my udev is outdated, so I can't test this right now :-)09:59
treachdamn.. whining, bitching and moaning == KISS.10:21
treachfixing your own, working port, != KISS.10:21
rehabdollwell honestly, it is simpler to just whine :)10:22
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tilmancptn: "downgrading to a newer udev"? do you mean upgrading or later?10:40
tilmann/m, i think i would have seen a ck4up report if there was a newer release10:41
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tilmanteK: :>11:43
teKcrux boots lightning fast, no need for suspend :>11:44
teKgotta go11:44
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nipuLwth, has sf changed the rules again19:52
nipuLck4up gives me empty result for all sf urls19:53
nipuLok, not all19:53
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nipuLteK: i find suspend useful for maintaining state rather than improving boot times22:58

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