IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2008-08-23

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rehabdollsweet, my connection finally got upgraded yesterday03:48
rehabdoll100mbit instead of 10 \o/03:48
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tilmanso, um.13:10
tilmani get the problem13:11
tilmansome IDIOT pushed to the master branch13:11
teKwhich repo13:27
aonbut at least i was supposed to have 2.4 checked out13:28
aonand still have13:28
rehabdollheh. "oops"13:33
aonoh well13:34
rehabdolli was about to complain that i had not gotten any mails today13:37
aonthere you go13:39
aontune in again in a month or so when i do a commit again13:40
aonseems like i manage to cause a DoS every time i do so13:40
tilmani fixed master on fwiw13:40
tilmanaon: strange13:40
cptntilman: should I clear the mail queue?13:43
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aoni had permission problems with my ~/.ssh when i made the push but i doubt that can be related13:44
aoni haven't touched my tree (other than moved it around) after the last commits i made, but perhaps it's somehow fucked up for some reason13:45
aoni'll nuke it13:45
tilmanyou're positive you didn't check out master at some point?13:45
tilman"git checkout master && git rebase origin/2.4 && git push" could have caused the problem13:46
tilmani wonder how we can make sure this doesn't happen again13:46
aonwell i surely haven't ran "git checkout master"13:46
tilmanaon: maybe it was someone else :)13:48
aoni doubt it13:50
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tilmanaon: sorry about the yelling earlier. didn't really mean to insult you :D15:27
aonno problem15:27
aoni drank a lot of whiskey (and plan on continuing) so i'm fine now15:28
aonteh ironic part is that i recently saw the commit that caused the previous incident lately when i checked my mail15:28
tilmanwe're in 2006-11 already ;)15:28
aonand i actually misspelt "teh" but just left it that way15:28
tilmanmaybe we should unsubscribe crux@ for now?15:29
tilmani did that now15:33
aontilman: and i think insults are pretty justified in times like this :)15:57
tilmanit's not *that* bad15:59
tilmanwe didn't lose data or anything15:59
tilmanjust spammed two lists abit :D15:59
aonbut it probably causes _a lot_ of unjustified traffic15:59
tilmanwe could chmod -w refs/heads/master15:59
tilmanmy mail still didn't get through16:00
tilmancptn: the mailq seems f'ing huge16:00
tilmani wonder whether yahoo blacklisted us16:00
tilman-- 27801 Kbytes in 2216 Requests.16:00
tilman27 mb wtf bbq16:00
tilmanMessages from temporarily def16:01
tilmanerred due to user complaints -; see
treach"...and still they come."16:09
tilmanwhat's with this russian icq spam that i keep getting?16:09
treachdang, I get the feeling I've removed the same messages several times over by now..16:09
treach"Me love you long time, only 5 rubles"? :p16:10
aonthat's pretty cheap :)16:11
tilmani have no idea what it says16:12
treachprobably something like "you should only allow incomming messages from people on your contact list." :>16:12
aon"furthermore, your contact list shouldn't include crux{,-commits}"16:15
treachhey, aon, you could probably get a job on Nokia. :D16:15
treach"Nokia, connecting people" :p16:16
aonfuck, whatever16:16
aoncurrently i'm thinking that i should resign from the uni and get a job turning screws16:16
aonmaybe that way i won't cause millions of emails16:17
treachhey, cheer up. at least it wasn't the lkm. :D16:17
tilman~230 subscribers * ~200 emails = 46000 emails16:17
tilmanway below a million16:17
tilmanoh wait, that was for the crux list (notify mails)16:17
aonthe moment i post a single post on lkml you can just come and shoot me :)16:18
tilman~200 commits * 10 subscribers for the crux-commits list16:18
treachone just have to hope this doesn't get us blacklisted everywhere as spammers. :>16:18
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sipevening bloody spammers :-P16:31
aonand thanks16:31
aons/s //16:31
tilmantoday = suck16:31
treachsip: careful, we've got a drunk finn here. ;)16:31
aoni'm not drunk16:31
sipdo sober one exist?16:31
treachaon: don't they alway say that? ;)16:32
aonhence ml-spam16:32
tilmancheck which process consumes all the cpu time on crux.nu16:32
tilman /usr/mailman/bin/qrunner16:32
tilmanand we have about 90 smtp processes ._o16:33
treachlol, the "crux mail spamming performance test." :D16:34
sipI've also been unsubscribed. it's sentient at least ^^16:34
tilmansip: fwiw, i already tried to send an apology to the list, but it didn't get through yet16:35
tilmanand i have unsubscribed from the lists16:35
tilmanso further notify mails should be blocked16:35
sipany idea about what went wrong?16:36
tilmansomeone rebased opt.git's master onto 2.416:36
tilmangit checkout master16:37
tilmangit rebase origin/2.416:37
* aon probably16:37
tilmanthen the update hook saw all those [notify] commits on the master branch that weren't there before16:37
tilman-> hooray16:37
aoni cp'd a rather old tree over from my previous installation16:37
aonso probably it was me fucking things up16:37
tilmanthe 'update' hook should probably do something like:16:39
tilmandie if $req == 'master'16:39
tilmanerr, $ref16:39
tilman+ ;16:39
tilmanno, wait16:40
sipwhat about die if $user == 'aon'; ?16:40
tilmanmy previous idea was probably better16:40
tilmanchmod -w .git/refs/heads/master16:40
tilmanthat should avoid pushing to the master branch16:40
aonsip: yeah, i should probably resign16:40
tilmansip: ;D16:40
sipyeah but maybe having that in the notifier is more 'evident' for the future16:41
tilmanoh man...16:46
tilmansip: should we keep mailman running, or should we shut it down and try to kill the remaining mails in the queue?16:47
sipwas looking at the quueue right now16:47
sipI think we can stop mailman/postfix and clean the queue16:48
tilmanoh boy, /usr/mailman/qfiles/in is huge16:48
tilmanokay, i stopped mailman16:48
sipstopped postfix16:49
sipcleaned the queue16:49
tilmanwhich one? postfix'?16:50
sipthink you can restart mm too16:51
sipseems all the messages was for *-bounces so it's not a great loss16:52
tilmanlet me stop mailman again and find the real queue16:52
sipI think it's mailman processing the bounces16:53
tilmanyes, but we shouldn't let it do that, should we?16:53
sipno, we're already tagged as bad boys by yahoo16:53
tilmankeeping mm down over night would give the backup a chance to finish, too16:54
sipoh, I see it's been running for 9 hours hehe16:55
tilmani can't figure out how to check the mailman queue :x16:56
tilmanroot@crux [/usr/mailman] > du -sh qfiles/16:57
tilman247M    qfiles/16:57
tilmanroot@crux [/usr/mailman] >16:57
tilmanmost of that is in shunt/16:58
treachI think this is the kind of stuff that legends are made off. :>16:58
tilmanaon will tell his grandparents about this :D16:59
tilmanand i keep typing "ls" in that huge directory16:59
aoni'll send a mail to tell i'll drop maintainership of my ports when it clears out16:59
tilmanwhich eats up the connection's bandwidth16:59
aonyou can change my ports to "unmaintained"16:59
aoni dare not16:59
tilmanaon: i rebased master onto 2.4, too, once...17:00
tilmani just noticed because rebase took so long and thrashed the disk17:00
tilmanaon: so don't feel too bad17:00
aonbut this is the second time17:00
aoni don't think i'm really up to this17:01
sipno worries man17:01
tilmanaon: the same thing could have happened to anyone else...17:01
treachwell, it hadn't been so bad if the whole notification thing hadn't gone haywire..17:01
treachI don't think it was implemented the same way back then17:02
tilmansip: should i try 'mv qfiles/in qfiles/in.oops' and restart mailman then?17:03
sipwhat about the shunt ones?17:03
tilmanthe stuff in shunt/ seems to be ooold17:03
tilmanthere's mails from 2006 in there17:03
sipI read messages which could not be processed go there17:03
tilmanwait, there's mails from today in there as well17:04
sipdon't look so surprised :-)17:05
siptilman, the number of messages in in corresponds to the ones removed from the postfix queue, go on17:07
tilmanwith 'mv qfiles/in qfiles/in.oops' ..?17:07
tilmanis there no sane way to examine the queue?17:09
tilmani think i'm close to panicking ;)17:09
sipI'll pipe them all to your inbox, for when you've nothing to do17:10
tilmanroot@crux [/home/crux/scm/ports/opt.git] > ls -l refs/heads/master17:11
tilman-rw-rw-r-- 1 aon opt 41 Aug 23 20:13 refs/heads/master17:11
tilmanroot@crux [/home/crux/scm/ports/opt.git] >17:11
tilmanjust for the record ;)17:11
aonas if it wasn't clear already17:11
tilmanit's read-only now17:11
tilmansip: i meant the mailman queue17:12
tilmansome of that stuff might be legit17:12
treachlike your apology. ;)17:12
tilmani'm renaming shunt, too17:13
aoni wonder why tilman even should apologize17:13
tilmanand it still consumes 100% cpu time17:13
aonbut it seems the mails stop flowing17:13
aonat least here17:13
treachaon: yeah, your're right about that17:13
aonor then my mail system just broke down17:13
tilmanthey stopped flowing to my inbox hours ago17:13
tilmannot sure why, either :D17:13
aonamong the other things17:14
tilmanokay, cpu time is at zero now17:14
sippostfix queue is empty tho17:14
tilmani'll send a test mail to the list :D17:14
treachaon: don't take it too far, ok? Seppuku never was customary in finland afaik. ;)17:15
tilmanfucking mailman17:16
tilman<>: Command died with status 1: "/usr/mailman/mail/mailman post crux". Command output: Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/usr/mailman/scripts/post", line 69, in <module>     main()   File "/usr/mailman/scripts/post", line 64, in main     tolist=1, _plaintext=1) File "/usr/mailman/Mailman/Queue/", line 126, in enqueue17:16
tilman fp = open(mpfile, 'w') IOError: [Errno 1'3] Permission denied:17:16
aontreach: thanks for bringing it up :)17:16
sipwrong perms on the new in17:16
tilmanfucking tilman17:16
aontreach: we are indeed 6 ranks below japan in suicide rate17:17
aonwhereas you are mere 31st17:17
treachyeah, we're such wimps. :>17:17
aonalthough that would prevent days like today quite effectively :)17:19
treachno repeat offences, right? ;>17:20
tilmansip: should mailman try again by itself?17:20
aonwhere your os, car, and father break up right in your face in a timeframe of like an hour17:20
siptilman, sorry?17:20
tilmansip: i fixed the permissions and restarted mailman -- should it try to deliver my mail now?17:21
treachaon: that sounds like a bad day.17:21
sipoh yes please17:21
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aontreach: mm17:23
tilmansip: i meant "should mailman try to deliver the mail now"? it doesn't seem to17:25
sipoh the old one is probably gone17:25
tilmanapparently id did17:28
tilmanit might take some days til you get the mail in case your provider hates us already17:28
aondoes gmail hate us already?17:29
tilmanno idea17:29
tilmani just saw something about yahoo17:29
tilmani'll re-subscribe crux@ to the lists17:30
aonyeah, your mail got through to me now17:30
sipgot it too \o/17:31
tilmansip: thanks for your help17:34
aoni guess i'll wait until i'm sober before i resign17:34
tilmani thought we could just sit this out when i unsubscribed crux from the lists17:34
tilmangood thing we didn't17:34
aonin case i feel like backing up :)17:34
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nipuLcrap, i was using commit emails to keep my multilib repos up to date17:54
nipuLi also tag before i sync, that should keep me out of trouble17:55
nipuLdoomsday averted18:09
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nipuLi was thinking, hal isn't working properly for me. i wonder who the maintainer is19:11
nipuLoh crap, it's me19:11
nipuLhmm, when did udev move to /lib19:28
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rehabdolli think the latest release introduced quite a few changes19:47
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