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cptnso, should we hold a meeting tomorrow?07:31
sepenhmm discussion points?07:33
aonthere's one I added07:34
aonand i recall someone coming up with another one, too, but i can't recall it07:34
aoni'll grep the logs soon, once i see who's laughing at me in window #807:35
cptnI'd like to put up a wiki page on bug reporting07:36
aonapparently tilman wanted to discuss that07:37
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teKmaybe we really should make flyspray usable by anonymous reporters07:45
cptnwe can try07:47
cptnI'd like to see our users submitting bug reports more liberally07:48
cptnand us closing them more liberally if we don't agree :-)07:48
cptnthe problem with anonymous reporters is that they're usually "write only"07:49
cptnso they post a problem and never follow up07:49
cptnaon: what's window #8?07:49
cptnah :-)07:50
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sepenhey, can I import imlib2 from contrib to opt keeping the revision control?10:10
sepencould be possible with git?10:10
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sepenhi jue10:24
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tilmansepen: well, it's probably possible with some black git magic13:11
tilmansepen: but i don't think it's worth it13:11
sepenI done the trick sometime ago13:11
tilmani think you need to export/import the git objects somehow13:12
sepenbut I mean that I just moved the directory and git foo in both collections13:15
sepenwell the commit message would be useful for people who want the whole history log13:15
sepenI need to part for a moment13:16
tilmani'm not sure i'm understanding correctly13:16
teKoh noez dirty dancing on tv13:21
teKgirlfriend's already melting :D13:22
teKthe first scene patrick swayzeee could be seen: "ooouuuuuuh"13:23
teKhaha, too great.13:23
teKBut I think I listened to the O.S.T. even more times than here because of my mom's MC deck (in her car) >_<13:23
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teKanyone with udev-knowlegde present?13:52
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teKok, anyone else? ;)13:59
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tilmanteK: meta questions suck14:17
tilmansuppose i say "yes"14:17
teKi know14:17
tilmanyou'll give me a f'ing hard question, i cannot answer it14:17
tilman-> everybody thinks i'm an idiot14:18
teKi won't sell the channel the whole story in vain14:18
teKcryptsetup is working fine except for one thing14:18
teKi'm doing the cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/hda2 root14:19
teKso /dev/mapper/root gets created14:19
teKmount /dev/mapper/root /newroot14:19
teK /bin/switch_root /newroot /sbin/init14:19
teKeverything works fine except one thing:14:20
teK /dev/mapper is not re-populated (when /etc/rc calls start_udev)14:20
teKI inspected the actions taken when recreating a mapping for /dev/hda2 (you can have more than one) via udevadm monitor14:21
teKI played arround with udevadm trigger [...] but could not get udev to create /dev/mapper/* correctly14:21
teKmknoding /dev/mapper/root sucks as it doesn't scale. on the other hand, cruptsetup-decrypted volumes are created (incl. /dev/mapper/{,control}) if decrypted by the 'original' root14:23
teKand only '/' needs to be decrypted via an initrd for obvious reasons14:23
teKso /dev/mapper/name-of-root prolly / surely always gets created with "static" minor/major node-numbers14:24
teKam I talking weird?14:24
tilmandunno, i'm having dinner14:24
tilmanand i'm dead tired14:24
tilmanspending 12+ hours in the office is tiring14:24
teKman this sucks14:29
teKtilman: could you have a quick thought about it tomorrow?15:14
tilmanit's unlikely15:24
tilmani'm seriously busy atm15:24
rehabdolli dont have any problems with devices not being created when using cryptsetup stuff15:26
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