IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2008-08-27

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cptnI wonder what Romster's problem is01:50
cptn"Instead of attacking udev with a symlink fix hal itself!"01:50
mike_kI'd prefer to keep symlink until hal upstream adopt to the changes01:54
cptnI don't really mind either way01:57
cptnit's just his style of communication01:58
cptnmmmh, I see now that nipuL already reported it upstream yesterday02:50
cptnwith a patch02:51
cptna textbook example how to handle this, yet Danny bitches about it02:52
cptnI'm really wondering how their distribution will be :-)02:52
cptnthey'll probably patch every single package with stuff that's not upstream ;-)02:52
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nipuLand fork every project that refuses to accept their patches03:53
cptnyes :-)03:53
teKone day I gotta create the project 'spoon' that never can be forked03:59
nipuLi'll fork it and call it spork04:00
aonteK: for a short time, there was a vapourvare distro called Spoon04:51
aonof course, some clueless individual has already started some other gentoo-based distro called spoon04:54
cptnyou mean "based in gentoo" ;-)04:55
teKthen: knife ..05:08
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nipuLhal patch has been accepted, except i got burned for not testing it properly16:00
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