IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2008-08-28

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tilmani've never experienced that bug fwiw14:10
tilmani'm updating core-x86_64/gcc atm14:10
tilmanwe should talk about branching off 2.5 in a few weeks14:11
tilmanwhen i'm done with my thesis and crap14:11
rehabdollme neither14:12
rehabdollbtw, is it possible to enable the gitweb rss-feed for the x86_64 repos ?14:23
tilmananybody know how to do that? ;)14:25
rehabdollseems master is the default head in x86_64. its 2.4 in the regular repos14:30
rehabdollor something like that.. me no speakie git yet D;14:30
tilmanoh, that14:30
tilmanunfortunately our gitweb copy is hacked to death14:30
tilmanwe should switch to cgit and start with a clean slate14:30
tilmandamn, i should have s/4.3.1/4.3.2/ in .footprint before buildling14:58
treachsome mismatch :p15:02
tilmani pushed 4.3.2 to core-x86_6415:53
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nipuLcgit ++23:19

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