IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2008-08-29

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cptnmike_k: I've added the repo dependency item to the meeting agenda02:28
mike_kcptn: thanks. I'll try to attend to follow the discussion.02:30
cptnI quite like the idea of having one contrib project with multiple repositories02:31
cptnI mean, xfce and kde are on our servers already02:31
cptnalso, I'd really like to move to "us vs. them" boundary, like this:02:32
cptn[core opt contrib xfce opt gnome]02:32
cptnwhere [] are boundaries :-)02:32
cptnor maybe that would then become [core opt contrib++] :-)02:34
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mike_kregarding contrib.rsync: do you mean it could have just a few repos each residing in a separate /usr/port/directory?02:35
cptngood question02:35
cptnmaybe it would make sense to allow recursive prtdirs in prt-get.conf02:35
cptnin any case, we probably need separate repositories from kde/gnome02:36
cptnto allow them to override opt02:36
cptnif needed, of course02:36
cptnwhether that's /usr/ports/kde, /usr/ports/contrib-kde or /usr/ports/contrib/kde is probably not that important02:37
mike_ka matter of taste (mostly)02:38
cptnI'd change as little as possible for users02:38
cptnbut I kinda like the thought of one project02:40
cptnalso to encourage the communication amongst the developers02:41
mike_kcptn: AFAIK, current iso Makefile assumes user don't change /etc/pkgmk.conf's PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR  Is that an official position(recommendation)? I guess most people have dedicated 'distfiles' directory.02:43
cptnI think nowadays, most developers use a dedicated distfile directory02:44
cptnmaybe that could be made the default02:44
cptnI haven't looked at the Makefile in a long time though02:44
mike_kah, ok. would be nice to make it easy to create a custom iso from a running system. I've had a few troubles rebuilding 2.4 iso, but I'll look at the Makefile again soon02:46
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juemsg cptn Servus Johannes05:36
jueoops, sorry :-)05:36
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tilmandid anyone else who's crux64 update to gcc 4.3.2?10:58
aonnot yet11:04
tilmani probably pushed prematurely... i didn't really test it yet ;o11:05
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rehabdolli did tilman, even before you pushed it :)11:20
rehabdolli've just rebuilt glibc, binutils and the kernel11:21
tilmani "just" test-compiled the kernel as well11:21
tilmanwon't bother with a full toolchain rebuild though11:22
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