IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2008-09-02

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treachtilman: you asked me a while ago about fvwm resource useage, but I couldn't give you any real answer. FYI, it's currently using VIRT: 53296, RES 3756, SHR 2808 here (64 bit). These numbers might change once I get started fixing my config, which is terribly broken atm.03:23
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nipuLugh, getting 30K/s off sources.redhat.com06:54
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tilmantreach: aha, thanks11:09
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cptnsorry guys14:11
cptnI'm helping a friend save his laptop :-)14:11
tilmani should have time for the meeting next week fwiw14:12
cptnah yeah, you're about to finish, right?14:12
cptnwhat's the deadline, friday?14:13
tilmani'll hand in my stuff wednesday next week14:13
teKgood luck tilman14:23
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tilmanteK: thanks, but that's too late ;)15:24
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