IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2008-09-05

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sepenopt devels here?!08:35
sepenI want to maintain 'vte' in the opt collection instead of the xfce one08:35
sepenI talked with jaeger who's also maintaining another 'vte' in the gnome collection and he's agree08:36
sepen<jaeger> I don't have a problem with that as long as it doesn't turn into something like libgsf did where the kde and gnome versions were wildly different08:36
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sepenin this case 'vte' can be shared for both collections without problems, and also would be good for contrib ports and their deps08:37
sepensomeone is disagree?08:38
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tilmansepen: sounds like a good idea to move it from xfce to opt09:19
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sepenif no one is disagree Im going to proceed09:56
teKsepen:  I tried configure'ing with   ./configure --with-qt-dir=/usr/share/qt4  and no qt3 installed but vbox did complain09:56
sepenteK, I just build it with /usr/share/qt and it does the trick too09:57
teKwithout qt3?09:57
sepenIll remove qt4 and do a new try09:57
teKI tried usr/share/qt, qt4 yes and qt3 no, did not work out09:57
teKit failed yesterday with qt3 and no qt4 installed, too. But have a try yourself.09:58
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sepenhere: qt3 and qt4 both installed and
sepenIm doing more tests09:59
cptnwhat errors do you get?10:00
sepenI don't have errors cptn10:00
cptnbut teK does, apparently10:01
j^2hey cptn :D10:07
sepenbut seems that teK has also problems building qt4, right?10:07
j^2has there been talk of 2.5 yet?10:07
j^2i'd like to take an active role in it :D10:08
tilmanoh fuck10:08
tilmantalk yes, code no10:08
tilmanj^2: the recently release gcc was one my blockers for 2.510:09
j^2do we have a wiki on it?10:09
j^2or is it just on the ML10:09
tilmanmaybe i only mentioned it on irc ;p10:09
j^2should we start a wiki page on it?10:16
teKcptn: it complains if qt4 is not installed and if I have qt4 it complains about qt3 missing10:20
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