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sepenany idea who's maintaining the 'Overall Timeline' page?02:17
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nipuL+1 for sepen to do it02:24
sepenyep, Im agree too02:25
sepenbut I think we have a serious bug in our sqlite database02:25
sepenatm we have duplicated regs, so the timeline script shows these duplicated lines02:25
sepenI think at least we should avoid them by replacing 'select' to 'select distinct' for now02:26
sepenor try to re-structured the database, or add a trigger, or update the schema02:26
sepenalso Id like to have these git repos (webtools.git, portdb.git, etc etc ) uptodate02:27
sepenplease if someone have a bit of time:02:32
sepen   |  |
sepenI suppose that this is a issue on git post-commit hooks02:38
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juesepen: new arora version ;-)02:39
sepenohh Im going to02:39
sepenjue, could you read the backlog?02:39
juefrom today?02:40
sepenI think we have a problem in our sqlite db02:41
sepenjust Im playing with the timeline scripts for trying to avoid duplicates02:41
jueyep, yesterday is a good example02:43
juesip does the script02:43
sepenbut I think ATM the web server has a different version updated, maybe?02:43
sepenand the same for other webtools02:44
sepenlike the portdb, etc etc02:44
sepen.> tools/webtools.git Web-related tools used on ... Simone Rota 19 months ago02:44
juesepen: join the CRUX infra-team, there's a dedicated ML02:46
jueI guess you want to help with that stuff?02:48
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cptnhey guys02:52
cptnI'm sorry I can't attend tomorrow's meeting02:52
juehello cptn02:52
cptnor only late at night02:53
sepensame as nipuL02:53
cptnbut I can send an invitation anyway, if anyone plans to be here02:53
sepenI want to discuss about ou02:53
sepen*error , about our web scripts02:53
sepenI think I can help you on this stuff02:54
sepennow time to breakfast02:55
teK10:13 < teK> download source for libtool seems broken03:36
teK10:14 < teK> it's  libtool-2.2.6a.tar.gz  I suppose03:36
teK10:16 < teK> and then cd $name-$version will fail as the dir still is named libtool-2.2.603:36
sepenmy bad03:36
sepenjue, Im trying to patch vte configure scripts to avoid the intltool dependency04:00
sepenthanks for the report04:00
juesepen: np04:03
jueteK: thanks, will fix04:03
sepenwell I removed this dependency but I confused the xfce-dev-tools with this port I suppose04:03
teKI think you will get a footprint mismatch, too04:07
sepenI've a patch that does the trick04:16
sepenjue, could you test it?
sepenjue, its running fine here04:20
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juesepen: was busy, testing now04:44
juesepen: works, but doing a "sed -i '/^IT_PROG_INTLTOOL/d'" and running autoconf might be an option as well04:57
* nipuL is working on a pull algorithm for pdb, ie: 'pdb -a pull foo -r bar' which will download the port and all the dependencies it can find05:16
sependownload? files where will be placed?05:23
juenipuL: I'd suggest to remove -a and expect a action to be the first option, like svn, git etc.05:26
sepenpdb pull ----> pdb-pull05:26
jueno, I mean - > pdb pull -r bar foo05:27
sepenfor what I remember git used git-* sometime ago05:30
juesepen: didn't see the git joke :)05:30
sepenfinally I updated vte, thanks guy05:31
juesepen: thank you05:34
sepenjue, did you use the 'geany' IDE?05:35
jueno, never seen that before05:37
sepenit uses vte too if installed05:38
sepenjust a lightweight IDE (not a superIDE like eclipse) but it can do a lot of useful things05:38
sepenthirdpary packages ->
aonthat doesn't look too bad05:44
aonfor an ide :)05:44
sepenonly gtk2 dependent05:45
aonschool ->05:45
juesepen: nice, looks like scite/scintilla06:21
sepenyep, but I think geany is a bit more complete06:22
sepenit has vte integration too06:23
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tilmani'm building xorg-server 1.5 atm13:17
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