IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2008-09-13

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cptnso the other day, I was thinking again about adding "tags" to Pkgfile04:06
tilmanshould we invite tek to this channel?04:06
cptnsomething treach suggested a long time ago04:06
cptnheh, sure04:06
tilmanno tengo +o04:06
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tilmanoh, thanks04:07
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cptnI guess he doesn't want to come here :-)04:12
tilmanhe said he'll write to the devel ml instead04:12
cptnthat's fine too04:13
cptnI'm really not fond of things requiring initrd's04:13
tilmanme neither ;D04:13
cptnor initramfs'04:13
cptnbut shipping the things on the ISO and adding it to the manual should be okay04:14
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tilmansomething's wrong with my repo on crux.nu04:37
tilmanresp the git export04:37
tilman totally outdated04:37
tilmanlooks like i b0rked the post-update hook04:39
tilmanerr, no04:40
tilmangah i hate that crpa04:40
tilmancptn: remember that i talked about doing the git->rsync/httpup area export with a git hook, rather than cron?04:41
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tilmanis git grep broken?12:12
tilman"git grep foo" gives me the usage information o_O12:12
rehabdollworks for me12:18
tilmanah, i'm an idiot12:18
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] > grep grep .zsh/aliases12:19
tilmanalias -g grep='grep --color=tty -d skip'12:19
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] >12:19
tilmanglobal alias for grep :)12:19
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