IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2008-09-15

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cptn_mmmh, python 2.6 is supposed to be released in october08:09
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sepenIm affraid with python308:10
sepenfor what I known backwards compatibility dissapears08:10
cptnI was wondering whether we could include python 2.6 to CRUX 2.508:48
cptnhowever, it could backfire if many python apps need fixes08:50
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tilmani'm here now, too :p10:13
sepentilman, the new mesa3d don't have libGLcore right?10:13
tilmanfwiw, libGlCore is gone forever10:13
sepenyeah, but we need more adjustements so10:13 was replaced by mesa's "swrast" driver10:13
tilman /usr/lib/dri/swrast_dri.so10:13
sepenI wrote a patch for gl-select, it works for ati but I need nvidia tests too10:13
tilmanbut swrast doesn't need to be backed up10:14
sepentilman, the fact is that we need to fix some ports10:14
sepenah ok10:14
tilmansince nvidia/fglrx probably don't overwrite it ;P10:14
sepenbut the other fileS?10:14
sepensee backup_files in gl-select script10:14
sepenfglrx don't use GLcore so no problem for it10:15
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tilmanbtw, rotwang said that his register-repository mail has been unanswered for weeks12:00
tilmandoes anyone know enough about the port db to help here?12:00
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sepennipuL, ping13:07
sepenI want to merge contrib/p5-uri and xfce/p5-uri for maintaining it in the opt collection, there are no differences between .footprint files, so I think it would be nice to avoid duplicates13:14
sepenis someone disagree?13:14
tilmansounds like a good idea of course13:15
sepentilman, I started to port the new xfce4.6, and also would be good for it13:18
tilmango ahead13:19
sepenI've a local branch for the xfce.git repo, maybe for the new 2.513:19
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nipuLsepen: i could move p5-uri into opt if there are no differences16:36
sepenfor me its perfect, also your ports seems more cleaned up and its also uptodate atm16:44
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