IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2008-09-16

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cptnhey jue12:55
tilmanhi guys12:55
rehabdolltilman: shouldnt mpfr be added to core-x86_64?13:00
tilmancore-x86_64 is a sorry excuse for a repository13:00
tilmanmostly because nobody but me (i think) is putting ports in there ;p13:01
* rehabdoll slaps *13:01
tilmando we have an agenda?13:01
cptnthere are three items13:02
cptnother than that, we could probably talk about 2.513:03
jueI'd suggest to talk about 2.5 too13:03
tilmanthe first two items are boring13:03
tilmanthe third is annoying, because we cannot seem to fix it :[13:03
tilman2.5 sounds good :D13:03
cptnjue: did you already look into python 2.6?13:04
jueyes, a port is in my privat repo13:04
cptnI think it'll be released in the beginning of october13:04
cptnah, cool13:05
jueother 2.5 stuff as well13:05
juelike db, dhcpcd etc.13:05
cptnhere's what I have on my list13:05
cptnextract only13:06
juedid someone tests my gcc/glibc/binutils ports?13:06
cptnI should have merged that a long time ago13:06
cptnbut didn't get to it, sorry13:06
cptnjue: not me13:07
tilmanme neither13:07
juehehe, thought that13:07
cptnlet me just start updating13:07
juebtw, FS#35513:07
jueany opinions?13:07
cptnno objections form my side13:08
tilmanpage doesn't load, mmh.13:08
tilmanah, there.13:09
tilmanno objections here either13:09
tilmanshould we branch off 2.5 now-ish?13:10
tilmani just remembered we apparently should remove core/hotplug ;)13:10
cptnI'd suggest we create a list of things to do13:10
cptnand collect feedback till next week13:10
cptnso those not here can comment on these things13:11
tilmanokay, i'll create the wiki page13:11
tilmanexcept that i cannot deal with pmwiki13:12
juewhat does cannot mean, technical?13:13
tilmansepen: did you sort out the gl-select problem?13:19
sepenIm still testing it, I've some problems13:20
sepentilman, I could do it tonight or tomorrow13:20
sepenversion of kernel for the release?13:21
cptndepends on how long it'll take13:21
tilmani don't really care ;p13:21
juedo we host glibc source on
cptnI'd say so13:26
tilmanshouldn't be a problem, right?13:26
tilmanso, can we branch off 2.5 now?13:27
tilmanit would be nice to fix stuff like bug #212 asap :p13:28
cptnsure, why not13:28
cptncan you do that?13:28
jueif use the glibc-tarball and the kernel headers I've created someone should cp them to crux.nu13:30
jue.oO someone with root access ;-)13:31
tilmani'll do that, too13:31
tilman~crux's public_html is a mess :x13:32
tilmanthere's dist/, there's distfiles/ and pkgutils tarballs are in /13:32
cptndist/ is only used by glibc13:34
cptnso we can probably move that one to distfiles13:34
tilmanokay, there's a 2.5 branch in core.git now13:35
tilmani think ;p13:35
cptnmmmh, I wonder if sip's joining soon :-)13:36
cptnhe just committed to his git repo13:36
tilman includes glibc-2.8-1.tar.bz2 and kernel-headers-*13:36
tilmanjue: i think that's what they call the version of binutils that's on, no?13:38
tilmanwhat were you asking about then?13:39
juethe only drawback I see is that texinfo issue13:39
juewell, at least core build with that toolchain without big problems13:40
tilmandid you see whether other distros use linux-binutils instead of the official gnu releases?13:40
juenom but arch use a a version from cvs which is nearly the same13:41
tilman[i'm moving your glibc 2.8 port to core.git now]13:41
tilmani just pushed a commit that adds glibc-2.8 to core13:49
tilmancould you verify that i didn't break the md5sums?13:50
tilmani patched as suggested in #25313:50
jueoh, forgot that, thx13:51
juehmm, there's a 2.18.90 on which is in fact a pre-release or even a rc of 2.1913:59
juedebian is using that ->
tilmani just read that they are planning to release 2.19, too14:00
tilmanfirst post i found (late june :D)14:02
tilmanrehabdoll: want to cp core.git/2.5/glibc core-x86_64/glibc and see whether it works? =)14:05
juetilman: no md5sum error for glibc14:10
jueother opinion to binutils?14:11
tilmani'm building your inetutils port now14:11
tilmanif it works, i'll update core/ , too14:11
rehabdollif its jue's glibc im already running it14:12
tilmanjue: i'm not sure -- if mainline binutils releases soon[tm], i think i'd prefer to stick with that14:12
tilmanrehabdoll: oh, cool14:12
rehabdollalso running 2.8 in x86_6414:12
rehabdollim bleeding edge on both my machines! :)14:12
juetilman: me too, but should we use one of the .90 releases for now than?14:13
cptnsounds reasonable14:14
tilmanwe should just make sure we don't release 2.5 with it ;p14:14
jueok, to avoid troubles we should that host on too, or we steal it from debian ;-)14:16
tilmancan't we get it from
juesure, 2.18.90 is a snapshot, which is updated from time to time14:17
tilmanimported your inetutils port14:17
tilmanah, i see14:18
tilmanbtw, does anyone get #247?14:19
tilmanis nipuL saying that wgetting to "foo.partial" sucks? :p14:19
cptnno, I think it's a http header14:19
cptnwait, 247?14:20
tilmansorry, 347 :)14:20
juehmm, I'm happy with my squid cache if I update several hosts here14:22
cptnwell, if multiple crux hosts are behind one proxy, this would be probably making things worth14:24
cptnI wonder if we should have WGET_OPTIONS in pkgmk.conf14:24
tilmanthat thought crossed my mind as well14:25
tilmani gotta run14:27
cptnokay, I'm out too14:40
cptngood night!14:40
juenight cptn14:41
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nipuLre: #347 if you had multiple cruxes behind a proxy why aren't you using a central source repository and build farms etc?17:01
nipuLbut then +1 for WGET_OPTIONS17:01
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nipuL19:19 <@tilman> is nipuL saying that wgetting to "foo.partial"  sucks? :p18:55
nipuLiirc, i was the one who made the initial submission for partial downloads18:55
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