IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2008-09-25

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tilmancptn: you didn't fix git/refs/heads/master to undo the accidental master commit, did you?04:20
tilmanbecause refs/heads/master was *not* modified04:20
tilman-> no idea why the mails were sent out :p04:21
cptnhow would I "fix" that?04:21
tilmanecho 907d9c7d82c18c0a0c647100375d4b8f5df01606 > .git/refs/heads/master04:21
cptnno :-)04:21
cptnI don't think I've ever touched our git repos04:22
cptnexcept for making a 64-bit one writable for rehabdoll04:22
tilmanaokay, just checking04:22
cptnand looking at the hooks04:22
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jueour dcron was a little bit ancient ;-)05:01
juetilman, cpnt: I'd like to update the ck4up.conf we are using on, but I've no access to it05:03
tilmanhi jue05:04
tilmanwant me to add you to sudoers?05:04
juehi tilman05:04
juethat, or send me the ck4up.conf via email05:05
tilmanjue: i've added you to sudoers05:07
jueok, thx05:08
nipuLnow sudo make me a sandwich05:08
* tilman catches up on xkcd05:15
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cptnmy usb wifi dongle was disconnected by the kernel/hub?06:07
cptnhub 1-1:1.0: port 4 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling..06:07
cptnthat's why I lost the connection06:07
tilmanBuild result:06:36
tilmanisn't it supposed to be sorted by path?06:37
tilmanit's the unsorted tar output06:40
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nipuLwth, first simone commits to master, then he drops epdfview from opt without telling anyone18:54
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