IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2008-09-26

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nipuLa thought just occurred to me, why do we "anti spam" our email in the pkgfiles06:52
nipuLwhen they are exposed in the git logs06:52
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tilmannipuL: well, we didn't always use git ;)08:17
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nipuLyes, but now we do08:40
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tilmani actually got the sauce today15:59
treachmmh, maybe firefox by default should be run as "nobody", or something. :/16:01
tilmanCrashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:
tilmanlatest released xulrunner is
treach-1 day? :p16:06
treachse-linux and friends are increaslingly beginning to seem mandantory.16:07
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nipuLi've yet to encounter it18:56
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