IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2008-09-29

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cptndo you create aliases to run git fetch and rebase?02:20
cptnI keep checking the ContribHowTo page to make sure I don't screw up while rebasing02:22
cptnwell, I guess I should use git more often ;-)02:22
aonwell, i have a function in ~/.profile that fetches and rebases all the repos at once03:00
aonif i need to do it for only one of them i do it manually03:00
aonit works unless there's a long interval between commits :)03:00
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tilmancptn: well, it's not like you will checkout different branches in the ports repos all the time, right?11:01
cptnno, but I keep forgetting the origin/2.4 notation11:01
tilmancptn: sorry, my question was quite worthless11:01
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nipuLthere are no worthless questions ... ;P18:06
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