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cptnjkr: thanks for your effort02:52
cptnI'll apply Karel's patch to core02:57
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tilmandid anyone comment on the cdrkit-for-2.5 thing?09:02
cptndon't think so, but I'd say it's a done deal09:02
tilmanso we should poke aon to do the switch in opt/2.5?09:03
cptnsounds like a plan09:03
tilmanaon: *poke*09:03
* cptn pokes teh aon09:03
aonhuh what?09:04
aonhas anyone heard from viper about this?09:04
aoni somehow think his opinion might be relevant, too09:05
cptnotherwise he'll say:09:05
cptnyou should of asked my before taking away my port!09:05
aonexactly :)09:05
cptnthe "my" wasn't intended BTW09:05
tilmanaon: care to shoot him a quick email?09:06
aonyeah okay09:06
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tilmanso, mmh.09:39
tilmanshould we add intltool to opt? :|09:39
tilmannot sure i can hack around the dependency in xkeyboard-config :|09:39
cptnI guess we have to move it09:51
cptnand also to the iso, right?09:53
tilmanyes :|09:53
cptnalong with p5-xml-parser09:53
tilmanlet's see why gnome/intltool claims to depend on gnome-common09:53
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tilmani'll have a look in a sec11:20
tilmanpizza time11:20
jueno hurry :-)11:21
juecptn: p5-xml-parser is already in packages.opt11:26
jueas of 2.4 IIRC11:27
jueFYI I've added a messagebus user/group today (dbus requirement)11:32
jueand dbus is a dep of firefox :-(11:33
tilmanjue: well, why did you remove intltool from xfce? :]12:24
juethat was sepen, it's no longer needed there12:28
juewe hacked vte, which is inopt now, to build without it12:28
tilmanjue: nice, the same patch seems to work for me, too.12:32
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siphooray for gimp requiring new deps15:15
cptnwell, gegl will allow for nice new features15:43
cptnso maybe it's worth the extra deps :-)15:43
sipbah, you're always looking for shiny new things to play with15:48
sipI'm just 3 deps fatter ;-)15:49
juesip: have you read the channel-log?15:51
sepensip is intltool really needed?15:52
sipsepen, yes. jue: regarding which topic?15:53
jueintltool, my discussion with tilman15:53
sipunless there is some hidden --disable-nls-ffs switch15:54
sepenor a patch15:54
sipoh, I see15:54
sepensip Ill try it when having some time15:54
sipwell, intltool itself is quite small actually15:55
sipit really depends on how many other packages will follow the trend15:56
juewell, I got the feeling that we have to live with intltool, sooner or later15:57
Rotwangnoooooo ;]15:57
Rotwangusually its not very hard to remove it from dependencies15:57
sepenwell so Ill re-build some xfce ports with intltool15:58
jueRotwang: yep, but if you must do it for every second ports it's borint15:58
sipsorta like the mandir thing15:59
sepenyou mean usr/share/man?15:59
juebut for now I'd suggest to have a look at gimp16:00
Rotwangbut on the other hand intltool is only used to create some junk files that you remove in the end ;]16:00
sipI think you have a point hehe16:01
sepenthe fact is that some gnome ports are dependent too and would be nice for avoiding duplicates (if is possible)16:02
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