IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2008-10-02

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juetilman cptn: I've built the ISO packages, only some video drivers and blackbox failed03:22
juelog are here ->
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tilmanjue: which video drivers failed?12:52
tilmanmaybe i should pgup first :)12:52
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tilmanPython 2.6 released13:25
tilmanumm, did anyone touch xorg-x86_64.git?13:34
tilmangit fetch just told me there was a new branch called 'master' o_O13:34
* treach looks for romster13:35
tilmanaon: exactly :)13:36
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nipuLpdbcacher.php has locked up20:08
nipuL20990 crux      16   0 12584 7760 3264 S  0.0  0.7   0:02.14 pdbcacher.php20:08
nipuLbeen like that for ages20:08
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