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tilmanwe really shouldn't ship -input-vmmouse and -video-vmware on the iso, right?02:50
tilmanwhat's the chance that a guy who's installing crux will run vmware?02:51
cptnwell, I guess that some try it first in vmware02:52
cptnalthough they could always install them from ports02:53
tilmansip needed intltool in opt for gimp 2.602:58
tilmanso no more problems for me :D02:58
tilmanalthough... the patch was easy02:58
cptnwell, jue and sepen tried to convince him to patch it out02:58
tilmani see02:58
tilmanokay, i just read my backlog here03:03
tilmanthe problem with the patch is that it requires a run of autoreconf03:04
tilmanregenerating the whole autoconf/make mess is a bit worrying ;)03:04
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cptnhey jue03:11
tilmanmorning jue03:11
cptnthanks for the ISO report03:11
cptnI can prepare a patch for blackbox03:11
tilmani'm currently looking into the -video-via build failure03:12
tilmannot shipping with a via driver would suck03:12
tilmanthe other drivers nobody cares about at all, i think03:12
juetilman: you have to patch a xorg port wrt intltool, right?03:16
tilmanthat's correct03:16
jueand ...03:17
jueso we have at all:03:17
jueshared-mime-info, gtk-engines, vte, the xorg-port and gimp03:18
* jue tends to give up03:19
tilmani tend to agree :D03:19
tilmani read your discussion with sip and sepen yesterday03:19
jueI had a quick look at gimp, it's not easy to remove the intltool dep03:19
cptnoh BTW:03:24
cptnI was indeed wondering if we should rather ship another WM on the ISO03:24
cptnnot that I wouldn't support blackbox, but given that it doesn't compile with the recent gcc...03:25
cptngood question03:28
cptnopenbox might be, although it has some more dependencies03:28
cptnit's on my list of WMs to consider for my personal use :-)03:28
juehmm, seems it's more often used with crux03:29
juebut I don't like that xml config03:30
juewell, I don't really care, using evilwm mostly03:31
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tilmanokay, i trimmed the x driver package list on the iso03:55
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tilmani have branched off xorg.git for 2.504:08
tilmanreplaced -video-via with -video-openchrome04:08
tilmanand renamed -video-amd to -video-geode04:08
tilmandoes this look correct?
cptnlooks good to me04:13
tilmani guessed the syntax for the rename_packages line from the code... ;)04:14
cptnlet's add remove_packages ilenia04:14
cptnjust to be on the save side ;-)04:14
cptnoh, guiseppe isn't here anymore04:14
tilmanall pushed04:15
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tilmanjue: i've updated udev to 129, just didn't reboot to test it yet. will do that soonish :p05:47
juegood luck, I'm at the e2fsprogs update05:49
juebtw running 2.5 with X the first time now :-)05:50
juewent smooth so far, the only issue I had was fontconfig05:52
tilmanwhat's wrong with fontconfig?05:53
jueshouldn't /usr/lib/X11/fonts be listed in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf?05:53
tilmanit's in my fonts.conf, but i have to check whether the port added it, or whether i did :)05:54
jueI bet you did it ;-)05:55
tilmanjust checked a freshly built fontconfig package05:55
jueoh, might be that I build fontconfig before the xorg packages05:56
tilmani was thinking the same05:56
jueyep, works05:58
tilmani need to think of a fix, right?06:00
tilmanotherwise buildling the iso will be ... complicated06:00
juewell, we are building all packages 3 times during bootstrap, so it should work06:04
tilmanis new_iso-buildref.txt up to date?06:05
jueI didn't follow it exactly as I did a 2.4 build06:07
tilman2.4 was based on jaeger's new style iso, no?06:07
tilmanso there shouldn't be a difference in building it?06:08
jueyes, it was nearly the same as the actual one06:08
sepenI've some questions about the iso, why we need squasfs for ramdisk images? I've a hacked iso running initrd images with ext206:09
tilmanto reduce the iso size maybe?06:10
sepenimho we don't need the full / inside the initrd image06:10
sepenjust busybox and some other bins before chroot to the new /06:10
tilmani'm pretty clueless about the iso ;)06:11
sepenwell I'd like to have a 1stage option before mount the rest06:12
sepenso I'd decide in this point what to do06:12
sepentilman, ATM I've my own hacked repo and I'm able to build usbdisk images too, just I think there're some points that I don't understand really06:14
juewell, it works as it is and Matt is still interested to work at it06:14
sepenas the squasfs one06:14
tilmanjue: he is?06:15
jueyep, cptn talked about that with him06:15
cptnhowever if sepen has some ideas, it's definitely worth looking at these too06:16
tilmansepen: i'm not sure what you're talking about, tbh :D06:17
sepenwell I'd like to send parched after being accepted06:17
sepentilman, heheh06:17
tilmanparched? patches?06:17
sepenwhy do you think about usbdisk images?06:18
tilmanyou mean an image you can slap onto a usb drive to use it as a live thingy?06:19
cptnthat would06:19
cptnbe great06:19
tilman"live cd" if you will06:19
sepenwell Im using 2 initrd images as boot options: initrd and minitrd (mini initrd without all the modules)06:19
cptnor usb install, if you don't have a cdrom06:19
tilmansounds like a neat thing to have indeed06:22
sepenwell I'll merge my work in a new local branch of iso.git  before nothing06:23
sepencptn, also I tried to implement something similar to anaconda's kickstart files but really KISS06:29
sependoing something like # setup -f setup.conf or # setup -f
sepenjust I works atm06:30
sepenunfortunately my setup hack isn't dialog-based for now06:30
juewhat's "anaconda's kickstart" ?06:31
sepenjust some new ideas to the wishlist06:31
sepenjue, like solaris's jumpstart06:31
sepena file to automate the setup06:31
sepenIm using kickstart at job to perform massive installations06:31
sepenwe started sometime ago a new linux based net appliance, we decided to use centOS due to kickstart support06:33
sepenId like to have something similar on crux (maybe as an optional feature)06:33
cptnsounds interesting06:33
sepenIll try to upload some stuff to my webserver at night to being public06:35
sepenyep, unfortunately we don't decide to use crux for our appliances (QoS + l7filter) due to manual installations06:36
sepenI don't like to dd'ing images to hardisk for installations06:36
tilmancptn: we should talk about the libpkgutils api some time before christmas06:38
tilmancptn: i want to release that b*tch :D06:38
tilmanjue: sooo.. intltool can go in the iso? :)06:43
jueok, let's do it :-)06:47
juesepen: I had a quick look at gimp, it's not that easy as with vte, so we will end having intltool in opt06:48
tilmanjue: alright, i'll take care of it06:50
jueit's comparable with gettext, it's rather glueless to have it in crux, but we have to add it because of gtk06:51
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sepenjue, well I think that could be good for DE based repos in a bit way too07:18
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juetilman: why not using some symlinks to keep the old dir-structure intact08:47
tilmanthat would work as well :D09:23

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