IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2008-10-07

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aonhi jue11:11
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tilmanhi guys11:41
aonhi tilman11:42
cptnhey there11:42
aonhi cptn11:42
namenlostraining starts in 30 minutes :(11:54
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tilman\o/ jaeger12:41
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jaegerheyo :) thought I'd sit in for the meeting if you don't mind and I haven't got the wrong time12:49
juehi jaeger, welcome12:53
tilmanjaeger: of course we don't mind12:56
jaegerok :)12:57
cptnI guess sip only comes around 9?12:59
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tilmanhi sip13:02
tilmandid anyone roll any test isos for 2.5 yet? :[13:03
cptntried and failed a couple of times :-)13:04
cptnbut also due to some outdated packages on the host13:04
cptnI should probably do it in a chroot13:04
jaegerI always build them in a chroot, for what that's worth13:04
jaegersince I usually have tons of crap installed with gnome, etc.13:05
sepenI've started a hacked iso too from scratch
sipa-ha! jaeger around. about to hose our mail setup at ;-)13:06
jueI've at least all packages in place, so building an iso shouldn't be a probelm13:06
jaegersip: more than routine maintenance would imply?13:07
tilmanit's not routine maintanance really13:07
jaegerI suppose that's a bit more intrusive, yeah13:08
sipI'm  bit afraid of stuff not installed via ports13:08
tilmanwhy are we shipping xorg-liboldx on the iso?13:09
siptilman, xkeyboard-config is complaining about intltool version here13:09
juejaeger: have you done changes to the iso-build stuff lately that are not in our repo13:09
jaegerjue: not in quite some time, no13:10
tilmansip: which version of intltool are you using?13:11
tilmanmh, me too13:11
jaegersip: which software is not in ports? it's been a while, I can't remember13:12
tilmani know of mailman, flyspray13:12
sipmailman, a bunch of packages installed by the kalmar guys I think13:12
sipsuch as bb13:12
tilmansip: can you paste the build log?13:12
sipouch, I removed intltool. shoot me.13:13
jueso, if nobody else is eager to do it, I'll build a test-ISO the next days13:15
juevolunteers for creating a .config for 2.6.27-rc9?13:16
sepenI've an script for doing usbdisk images, I could contribute with it if you want, maybe inside the iso image too13:17
cptnsepen: how large are the changes?13:17
jaegerI'll be happy to try and build an ISO13:17
sepenI can extract that changes13:17
jaegeris the 2.5 iso branch pulled from 2.4-e1?13:18
sipe=experimental? extreme?13:19
jaegerI don't remember for sure, I think I meant it to be "experimental"13:19
jaegerit was a pretty big rewrite of the init setup13:19
sepeneclectic :)13:19
sipenough :-P13:20
sepenjaeger, could be possible to stop the init at 1stage?13:20
sepenbefore searching for medias and mounting,pivotroot,etc.13:21
juejaeger: all things related to packages are prepared already13:21
jaegerit's a pretty simple script, we could change whatever we like13:22
jueversion number is ajusted as well13:22
cptnI know I'd have to add these13:23
cptnit's quickly done though13:23
tilmanwhy the adobe ones and not bitstream or bh?13:23
sepenmaybe xorg-font-xfree86-type1 for backwards compatibility on upgrades?13:24
cptnwell, I use courier and helvetica (non TT)13:24
tilmancptn: yeah, but the bh and bitstream packages also provide courier and helvetica, no?13:25
tilmananyway, i get your idea13:25
cptndon't think so, but I might be wrong13:26
tilmani'll leave xorg-font-{adobe,bh,bitstream}-{100,75}dpi13:26
tilmansepen: is it really needed? :p13:26
sepenwell not really13:27
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sipup 227 days, 23:3613:30
sepentilman, is still fonts.conf (fontconfig) pointing to a wrong directory as default in 2.5? (/usr/share/fonts)13:30
tilman /usr/share/fonts isn't a wrong directory13:30
tilmanbut we should make sure that /usr/lib/X11/fonts is also listed in fonts.conf13:30
sepen$ pkginfo -o share/fonts == 013:30
tilmansepen: x11-fonts-smooth :D13:31
sepenI should use prt-get fsearch xD13:31
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sepencould some test this usbdisk image, only for testing if the boot method is right (I've only some old bios'es here)13:34
tilmantest and see whether it's booting correctly?13:34
sepentilman, there're some different ways for preparing a usbdisk image13:35
sepenjust Im using the centos/fedora style13:35
sepenits working fine at job on some shuttle barebones13:36
tilmanwill it eat my harddrive when i'm booting from it?13:37
sepenonly 1stage13:37
sepenboot jumps to initrd and executes the rc script13:38
cptnsepen: spaceninja in #crux sounds like a tester :-)13:40
treach"guinea pig" :>13:40
sepenbut I don't like the 2.5* name13:41
tilmandid you see Thierry's mail on the list?13:42
sepenthis is interesting too (imho) and
sepenand also the npkg (network abstraction for pkgtools)
sepenit works similar than the obsd pkg_* tools13:46
sepenall you need is define a PKG_PATH where packages are placed (nfs, ftp, http, mounted fs)13:46
sepenstill I need to implement more features like .dependencies, package selection in the setup, etc.13:47
tilmanbtw, i pushed some packages.xorg changes to the iso13:49
sepentilman, lists are down too13:49
tilmansepen: i guess the mail arrived just in time ;)13:49
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sepenhe doesn't known the fake-pass13:51
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teKI don't want to interrupt you, but are there any suggestions or opinions what to do with dmcrypt-support?13:57
tilmanteK: no idea, i didn't check it out yet14:00
teKthat's the problem. Noone seems interested14:01
teKor did I make any mistakes?14:01
tilmanwell, encrypted / is for paranoid weirdos mostly14:01
cptnI didn't check it out either, sorry14:01
jaegernot interested in it, myself, can't speak for everyone14:02
sepenyeah I've no idea about fs encryption, sorry14:02
juesorry, same here14:02
teKfinally, some clear statements :)14:02
tilmanteK: poke nipul when he's around, maybe he's interested14:03
tilmanteK: still, if your stuff works, you can provide a 'contrib' iso with it14:03
cptnor if it's just a single port, maybe we can include it on the iso?14:04
teKlilo needs support for libdevmapper14:04
cptnah, true14:04
tilmancptn: encrypted / requires an initrd14:04
teKwhich can be provide by a package, itself, too.14:04
sepenhmm maybe we should read the wiki document before nothing14:04
teK(I described all this in the wiki)14:05
teKright, sepen14:05
cptnsepen: it's just that it's down right now :-)14:05
sepennow offline14:05
teKwell the page has been there for quite some time14:05
sepencptn, I read some words and sounds me interesting14:05
teKI will contact nipul and suggest those of you  to look over it, if there's interest14:09
teKI gotta go now, though14:09
cptnteK: okay14:09
teKthank you14:09
cptnwe could probably host a contrib ISO14:09
cptnin case that's a compromise for now14:09
sepenteK, you too14:09
teKcptn: probably we should have a look at the required changes, first. I think they're somewhat minimal14:10
teKgreat.  Have a great night, bye14:11
juebye teK14:11
juejaeger: do you have a rough idea when you'll have the time to build a 2.5-test114:14
jaegerI'll start as soon as I can get the repos14:15
sipblame our oldish kernel14:19
sipI'm a bit nervous about a 2.6.17 -> 2.6.25 upgrade14:20
tilmanyou should be :D14:20
sipyou're not helping :D14:21
tilmansorry :D14:21
tilmansip: i really appreciate that you're taking care of the update14:21
tilmannext time we'll send rehabdoll to kalmar ;)14:21
sipyou should have waited till the end ;-)14:22
sipbtw, any idea about missing utimensat syscall?14:22
sipI mean, updating to a new kernel should solve the problem14:22
tilmanyeah, i guess14:22
sipbut I wonder if we're doing something wrong tracking newest headers14:23
tilmanyou're building glibc 2.6.1, right?14:24
tilmanwith the headers for 2.6.2214:24
sipall packages are up to date14:25
sipglibc and headers as you said14:25
sepentilman, how about your git repo mail?14:41
tilmansip: well, i *think* it shouldn't bitch, but maybe it's expecting a 2.6.22+ kernel. not sure though14:41
tilmanah, right14:41
sepenfinally will be applied on this maintenance?14:41
tilmani'll work on that shell code some more14:41
sepenohh great14:41
tilmansepen: re. your mail -- you're right of course, we need new rsync files14:41
tilmanbut we cannot break the rsync export for 2.3/2.4 users14:42
sepenI forgot to add in my mail another point, the 'test' repo14:42
tilmanso the old directory structure needs to be kept intact14:42
tilmanjue noted that i should try to fiddle around with symlinks14:42
tilmanto avoid breaking things14:42
siptilman, already considered concurrency issues?14:42
sepentilman, and the core/ports update?14:42
tilmansip: no, that will just work[tm] :D14:42
tilmansepen: perdon?14:42
sepenprt-get update ports and rejmerge should do the trick no?14:42
sepenor am I wrong?14:43
tilmansip: only one person can push at the same time14:43
tilmansip: so the same repo can only be exported once at the same time14:43
tilmansepen: mmh well. what if you install a 2.4 iso?14:43
tilmansepen: if the urls changed, you need to get a new ports package from "somewhere" :)14:44
sepentilman, I mean that *.rsync files are provided my core/ports14:44
tilmanwell, yes14:44
sepenso prt-get update ports should do the trick no?14:45
sepenall we need is update the ports package14:45
siptilman, I assume repo-pushing is locked until the hooks exits14:45
tilmansip: yes, i think so14:45
tilmansip: what's what i was trying to say :D14:45
sipnothing we can't test with a neverending looping hook ;-)14:46
sepentilman, I've ports-1.5-7 installed, I mean that could be easily provided by a new 1.5.8 package14:46
tilmanimagine we change the urls today14:46
tilmanand tomorrow your friend Foo installs crux 2.414:46
tilmanhe tries to run 'ports -u'14:46
tilmanwhich will fail, because the url changed14:46
tilmanwhat does he do?14:46
jaegersupport both schemes for a while?14:47
sepenwell so jue's argument seems also reasonable14:47
juewhat's wrong with some symlinks to keep the old structure?14:47
tilmanjaeger: that's what i was about to do, yeah14:47
tilmanjue: if that does work, i'll do that :)14:47
sipwe cannot have symlinks on atm :-)14:48
sepenmaybe would be helpful to write a mail for notice the change to users14:48
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sip  CC      kernel/panic.o14:52
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sipmmh I think we lost the flyspray db15:37
sipmy fault for not dumping a backup15:40
sepenhmm maybe with some rescue tool?15:41
sipyet either pkgadding or starting the server removed everything from the data dir o.O15:41
cptnI don't think so15:42
cptnthere was a symlink for the sql dbs15:42
cptnwhich was overwritten by the mysql port15:42
jueahh, Tilman !15:42
juethe pkgadd bug ;-)15:42
sepenmaybe someone has a backup, maybe nipuL?15:43
sipI should have irc-moaned a while ago :-)15:43
jueI guess /var/lib/mysql was a symlink to /home/db-data?15:45
Rotwangbut thats good on the other side; crux has no bugs now \:D/15:45
juenothing is lost, just recreate the symlink15:48
sipwe're as buggy as before15:48
sipit's one of those "will never happen to me" situations15:51
sipbtw any reason for moving the real data dir?15:51
sepenwould be possible to have remote backups to some crux mirror?15:55
sipI think we have daily backups to a remote machine15:57
sipbut not of mysql15:57
sipuntil now, learned my lesson ;-)15:57
sepenI mean dumping the db's to some place, and then rsyncing15:57
sepen*some local place15:58
jueinteresting reading:15:58
jueline 80 ff15:59
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sepenjue, I recently updated contrib/syslinux to 3.7216:00
jueyep, I read the changelog by chance16:00
juean that hyprid mode might be usable to create a image for usb-stick-booting16:01
sepenjue, yeah, but not work for all the bioses I suppose16:01
sepenjust I'll do a try16:02
sepenjue, in the other side, the actual rc script in the squasfs image tries to load the cdrom modules as default16:03
sepenwell, it also loads the usb too :) **load_usb_modules**16:05
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sepensip, works16:31
sepenyour test mail16:32
sepenand also pipermail
sipah thanks! I forgot about it16:32
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nipuL<@tilman> well, encrypted / is for paranoid weirdos mostly17:31
nipuL<@tilman> well, encrypted / is for paranoid weirdos mostly17:31
nipuL<@tilman> well, encrypted / is for paranoid weirdos mostly17:31
nipuL<@tilman> well, encrypted / is for paranoid weirdos mostly17:31
nipuL<@tilman> teK: poke nipul when he's around, maybe he's interested17:31
nipuLi guess i am a weirdo...17:31
sipa shameless flooder for sure :-P17:32
nipuLre: utimesat17:32
nipuL2.6.24+ kernel headers are needed17:33
nipuLsorry i didn't make the meeting this morning, had a late one last night (the joys of freelancing and having a full time job at the same time)17:34
siphehe np17:34
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sipmaybe 2.6.2217:36
sipoh, forgot a n17:37
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sepenrelaying denied forme18:01
sepenI can't send to crux@lists.crux.nu18:02
sepenohh its my fault18:03
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