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nipuL$ ssh crux00:48
nipuL$ crux00:48
nipuLCRUX version 2.400:48
teKoh well ;)00:48
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cptnwow, what's Romster's problem anyway?02:07
teKi belive there were some 'unhappy' actions in the past and now he feels being dealt with in an unfair fashion02:08
cptnwell yeah, but why is the downtime no problem to anyone but him?02:10
cptnor the short notice?02:11
sepencptn, it really my vbox's Pkgfile as ugly as Romster says?02:14
cptnwell, it's true to calling pkginfo -i|grep is discouraged02:15
cptnand we told him not to do it02:15
sepenhmm so Ill do a patch02:15
teKhe feels being treated in an unfair fashion. Nothing more and nothing less. Nothing that could'nt be resolved with a small talk :)02:15
sepenI remember something about writting a document with porting rules, etc.02:15
cptnteK: well, given that he still does it himself how is he being treated unfairly?02:16
cptnteK: as of today, he does it e.g. in wesnoth02:16
cptnand no one "tells him off"...02:16
sepenwesnoth: if pkginfo -i |grep '^kdebase ' > /dev/null; then02:17
cptngcc-fortran gcj gdc jack-audio-connection-kit tuxracer wesnoth02:17
cptnthey all do it, and they're all his02:17
cptnplus subversion-perl :-)02:17
cptnalso, opt/qt3 does it02:18
sepenbut sometimes is faster than reading all the configure scripts02:18
cptnsometimes, it's rather hard to do it02:18
cptnbut in general, it should be avoided02:18
sepenso we need more explicit rules for Pkgfiles02:18
cptnteK, sepen: let me search for the Pkgfile that we complained about02:19
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sepennow I understand why he starts a fork02:21
cptnI don't even want to comment02:23
cptnbut yeah, I don't think it was unfair to be asked to clean that up02:23
sepenin the past he was more collaborative and polite, at least with me02:24
cptnwell, the mood change is understandable02:24
cptnsince earlier, everyone was just impressed by the number of ports02:24
teKcptn: no, cleaning up those things is definitely not unfair. Do not misunderstand my 'unfair' .. I'm speaking of Romster's perception02:25
cptnteK: yep02:25
cptnI was more wondering about the reaction to the downtime02:25
cptnsepen: it's easy to be collaborative and polite if no one ever questions your work02:26
cptntime for coffee :-)02:27
sepenme too02:27
sepenfor i in coffe; do sleep $MAXTIME && echo "$i: done"; done02:28
* teK stronlgy dislikes coffee02:31
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siphello. anybody working on the ports tree at
sepensip, not at this time03:28
sepensip, but Romster seems that is doing it, or trying it03:28
sepen<Romster> git fetch03:30
sepen<Romster> fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly03:30
sipthanks for the info03:32
sipstarting rsync if nobody's working on it, since it seems down atm03:32
sepenI waiting a new mail for start to doing some commits too03:32
sipfetch seem to work here btw03:32
sepenunfortunately I made one commit yesterday (see virtualbox), no idea if that causes some problem03:33
cptnfetch works for me too03:33
cptnalthough I have nothing to fetch right now :-)03:33
sepenworks for me too03:34
sipsepen, I think it's safe to commit (mark my words)03:38
cptnfamous last words03:39
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sepenwell, I finished to configure ck4up in my openbsd box04:11
sepenI've a Makefile path for jue too04:11
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sepencruxbot is still down04:17
cptndoes cruxbot run on
sepenI think that04:25
sepenI think that tilman was who manages the bot,04:26
sepenpff mybad04:26
cptnI wonder if something bad happens when I start it...04:28
cptnlet's see :-)04:28
cptnsip: are you following #crux?04:32
sepencptn, maybe I haven't the same problem than Romster with git due to I've shell access to and my pubkey is allowed in a different way?04:32
sepenor something related04:32
sepencptn, you also have ssh access to, me too, and the guys who has in problems don't have it04:33
cptnah, okay04:33
cptnah, I have an idea04:33
cptnls /usr/bin/git-shell04:34
cptnls: cannot access /usr/bin/git-shell: No such file or directory04:34
cptnthat would explain it`04:34
sipI see04:37
cptncp /usr/lib/git-core/git-shell /usr/bin04:37
cptntemporary fix :-)04:37
sepenwould be good some notes to remember it04:38
cptnwe can just replace it in /etc/shells, and /etc/passwd04:38
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sepenI used to use a version controlled repository for every box I have installed, to never lost some files and also I've some docs about manual tasks / installations, etc.04:39
sipgood call04:40
cptnchanged passwd and /etc/shells now04:42
cptntilman: I started cruxbot in a screen (as jw)04:43
cptnlet me know when you're around for the handover :-)04:43
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cptnalso, I changed mark's shell to /bin/false04:44
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cptnhey jue04:47
sepenhey jue04:47
sepenjue I recently installed ck4up on my server box (openbsd), just I need to make some changes in the Makefile
sepenand that is the mini doc about how I installed it
sepenjust ck4up rocks!!04:49
cptnI wish aon would finish that ck4up2rss :-)04:50
* cptn looks at aon04:50
sepenxDD I tried the same sometime ago04:51
juesepen: not support for install -D on bsd?04:52
sepennot for openbsd04:52
sepenI should changed all my Makefiles and script for being portables04:52
sepeninstall: unknown option -- D04:53
sepenusage: install [-bCcdpSs] [-B suffix] [-f flags] [-g group] [-m mode] [-o owner]04:53
sepen               source ... target ...04:53
sepenjue, also if you want shell access to my obsd, just give me your dsa pub key04:54
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sepenI've a guest account04:54
juesepen: thx, but I don't see a need for it04:54
sepenseems that freebsd has their own package04:55
sepenbut I think after patch the Makefile would be more portable imho04:55
jueyes, I'll add your changes with the next release04:56
sepenoh nice04:56
sepennot sure if you like my SHEBANG approach04:56
sepenmaybe a configure script would be better04:56
juebut don't expect one soon ;-)04:56
sepennp now Im running the old one an it works really fine04:59
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sepenjue, Im porting dbmtools (tools for accessing to gdbm databases) but I can't list keys in ck4up's gdbm files, any idea?05:47
sepen$ gdbmdump -d /tmp/contrib.dbm05:49
sepengdbmdump: can't fetch "": Item not found05:49
sepenjue, yep ->> $ grep key /usr/bin/ck4up05:49
sependbm files are using the key-value pair05:49
juedidn't read your question right05:50
sepenwell, I should switch to ruby then xDD05:50
sepenjue, well I tried to access to dbm files, I want to write some scripts for managing my ck4up dbm files05:51
sepenI recently ported dbmtools, so I think dbmtools could have a bug, or maybe I'm doing something wrongs accessing to dbm files05:52
sepenjue, how info is stored in ck4up's dbm files?05:53
sepenis that? @@db[key] = active[key] if active[key]05:53
juewell, have a look at the sources, it's quite intuitive05:54
sependespite the fact that its written in ruby05:54
jueI'm a little bit busy ATM, but it's like:06:03
juerequire 'gdbm'06:04"ck4up.dbm")06:04
jue db.each { |rec| p rec }06:04
jueuse irb for that06:04
jueor even06:08
jueruby -e 'require "gdbm";"ck4up.dbm").each {|r| p r}'06:08
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juesepen: you've seen what I wrote?06:37
cptnwe have a wiki contributor :-)06:52
teKwho did not see, that there's a ntpdate script in /etc/rc.d if you have got ntp installed :-)06:53
cptnand didn't read the readme for opt/nvidia06:54
teKbut hey, it's a wiki, if i manage to find out my user/password combination I will correct this06:55
teKnipul is lucas hazel, right?06:55
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cptnteK: yes06:56
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nipuLteK: ?07:13
teKwhat's exactly a user defined collection?07:17
teKsomething you can see after you have logged on to the website?07:17
nipuLi think cptn coined it best as a "meta repository"07:27
nipuLcreate a new repository from ports found in other ones07:27
teKyes but can I synch from them a) und b) who is allow to do so?07:27
teKi'd really love this feature..07:28
nipuLit would be created on the website but could be synced with using a pors driver07:28
nipuLperhaps a cli tool could also be created07:28
nipuLtbh, i haven't got that far yet07:29
cptnI thought about writing a meta driver before07:29
cptnwhich would basically just call the rsync/httpup/whether drivers a couple of times07:29
nipuLpdb works quite well, but it's just slow07:29
cptnit would actually be a nice way to collaborate07:30
cptnand group subject related ports07:31
cptni.e. instead of subscribing to 10 repos, check out the 'music' repository07:31
nipuLi'm writing it in django, it has a module called django-reversion which i think could also be used for tracking history07:32
cptndjango, another thing on my list of things to look at once I have spare time :-)07:33
sepenjue, nope, Ill read the backlog07:34
nipuLi get to use it at work :)07:34
nipuLs/it/whatever the hell i want to/07:36
sepenjue, thanks but it fails here
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nipuLah crap, all the work i did on it today isn't remotely accessable, i forgot to push my changes07:56
nipuLguess i'll just watch ren&stimpy instead07:57
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tilmannipuL: oh, i didn't mean it like that. i just came up with your name because you were missing last night10:06
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tilmanjue_: ah, the symlink one? /var/lib/mysql etc?10:31
tilmanlooks like mailman needs a config poke10:39
tilmanCause: Post by non-member to a members-only list10:39
tilmanthose get into the moderation queue, but i think we used to just discard them10:39
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sepenoooh sip's mail to devel ML was sent from the future12:36
sepen21:25 and mine 19:3412:36
sepenmaybe ntp problems :-)12:37
tilmansounds like the GMT/CEST difference, except that it's backwards ;D12:37
tilmannipuL++ # for working on protdb13:56
sepen+1 too13:56
Rotwangyeah, long live nipuL!!13:57
jue_tilman: yes14:01
teK=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:14:01
teKNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/share/virtualbox/bin/VBoxKeyboard3.so14:01
teKNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/share/virtualbox/bin/VirtualBox314:01
teKNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/share/virtualbox/bin/vboxkeyboard3.tar.gz14:01
jue_sepen: looks like a broken gdbm file?14:01
sepenteK, did you read my mail at ML?14:02
tilmanjue_: sorry, i've let that slip off my radar. i'm taking a note now14:02
*** jue_ is now known as jue14:02
sepenteK, surely you have qt4 and qt3 both installed, rigth?14:02
teKsepen: of course not. d'uh..14:02
sepenjue, no idea14:02
teKyes. ignore me :)14:02
sepenwell tell me later if you have problems14:03
teKit works. period.14:04
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