IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2008-10-09

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cptnOperationalError at /09:15
cptnunable to open database file09:15
nipuLyeah my bad09:17
nipuL*shrugs* the sqlite3 backend always screws up like this09:19
nipuLworking now09:24
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jaegeryay, got all the 2.5 packages to build, the iso should go more smoothly now11:02
cptnI have a nice new laptop (not mine) sitting here, ready for a test install :-)11:03
tilmannipuL: hahahhaa, the BETA badge. awesome :D11:03
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jue-> update for python 2.611:35
tilmanjue: thanks, i'll take care of that11:37
juethx, it's the last port I've modified local here11:39
juejaeger: do you have a script to create initramfs.lst?11:40
jue.. I hope to make the release soon11:43
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jaegerjue: no, I made it manually12:48
jaegermy bootstrap for the test iso is coming along well now that I've gotten the build issues sorted out12:49
tilmanjue: re #335 -- if the port wanted to install a file called /var/test/, you'd expect it to show up as /home/test/
tilmani wonder whether it's a security issue to follow symlinks when extracting stuff13:02
juehmm, good catch13:11
cptnalso, it could be a problem later on13:12
cptnif you remove the symlink, and run pkgrm, the files won't be removed13:12
jueon the other side it's not very polite to remove a symlink the admin has made with good reasons13:14
juethe "old" pkgadd didn't remove them, IIRC13:15
juethat's strange:13:26
juemount --bind /home/test/ /var/test13:27
juepkgadd test13:27
juepkgadd -u /home/crux/packages/2.4/test#1.0-1.pkg.tar.gz13:27
juepkgadd: could not remove /var/test/: Device or resource busy13:27
juethe package test contains a file '/var/test/hallo' which is installed into /home/test now13:28
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jaegerxorg-xcb-proto in 2.5 has python 2.5 in its .footprint15:28
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