IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2008-10-10

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juegood mornig02:49
Rotwangcouldbebetter morning02:50
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tilmannew kernal07:40
teKuptimez for teh lose07:40
tilmanjaeger: yes, it's fixed now. sorry, i should have notified you when i fixed it07:41
tilmankernelnewbie's summary of 2.6.27 sounds boring to me07:43
jaegertilman: no problem, was an easy one to fix locally08:07
jaegerunfortunately I'm still unsuccessfull, stage1 keeps failing08:07
jaegernow I cannot even log into the machine I was building it on, not via ssh or console08:09
jaegerwhat the hell?08:09
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jaegerwell, trying again. I don't know what happened to the box last time08:34
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tilmandoes anybody even use core/tcsh?08:57
jaegernot I08:58
tilmannot related to anything, just wondering why we're shipping it :>08:58
jaegerI think it was required by another port at one time but I can't recall which08:58
cptnat list no package lists it as dependency it seems09:02
jaegerperhaps per just liked it :)09:03
cptnor it was part of the BASICS09:03
sepensome time ago was called 'coredistro' too09:06
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jue_jaeger: python 2.6 and perl 5.10 are in the in our 2.5 branches, didn't you use them?11:40
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juethe only broken port there is xorg-xcb-proto IMO11:42
juetilman: tcsh was in core as long as I can remember, maybe Per likes it11:44
juebut, well, it's not a big deal to keep it11:45
tilmanjue: i pushed the xorg-xcb-proto fix to xorg.git/2.5 yesterday11:51
jueah, cool , didn't noticed taht11:52
tilmanshould i tell cruxbot to monitor the 2.5 branches as well?11:52
tilmanactually that would mean it has to spit out the branch name, too :D11:53
tilmanmaybe not the worst idea ever11:53
jueyeah, why not11:54
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tilmancptn: please restart cruxbot12:00
tilmancptn: oh well, i guess you don't mind me killing your processes ;)12:04
jaegerjue: yes, I used them, those were easy fixes :)12:49
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