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sepenhi cptn03:52
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Rotwangtilman: I thought you're in the same time zone as me10:47
tilmaneverybody said morning 8 hours ago10:47
Rotwangdamn im stupid ;]10:48
tilmanRotwang: i'm in germany, yes...10:48
tilmanthe BASICS guy (also from germany) always writes me in english10:49
tilman... o_O10:49
tilmanjaeger, jue: any news on the iso building? :]11:04
jaegerit's failed with a different problem every time I bootstrap, so far. the last two were a file I couldn't remove from gcc's work dir and sig 11s the time after that11:05
jaegerI'm running another bootstrap now, it's in the middle of stage 111:05
tilmanoy, gcc crashing sounds bad11:06
jaegeryeah. I wasn't too happy about that11:06
jaegerconsistent results would have been nice11:06
jaegerIf it fails again this time around I'm going to move to completely different hardware11:07
tilmanif it fails again, please ping me. i'll then give it a try myself11:07
jaegerok, will do11:08
juetilman: well, yes12:09
juecreated one today with all the latest changes12:09
juejaeger: sounds really strange, never had any problems with gcc12:14
tilmanjue: great, i'll give it a try tomorrow12:14
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jaegerthere's the latest issue12:33
jaegerin stage112:33
jaegeruse jue's version, I'm apparently too stupid to build one these days12:34
aoni'm ready to push the cdrkit migration changes12:35
aondoes someone have something against that?12:35
jaegerjue: what process did you use to build it?12:36
tilmanaon: no, go ahead12:36
jaegerthis CVS/Repository file has the same problem as libgcc/_fixunstdep.fdi or whatever it was called. I'm starting to think it's a reiserfs problem12:37
jaegeror relatime12:37
jaegertime to build somewhere else12:40
tilmanjaeger: i've been using 'noatime' forever (12+ months), and i've never seen any build errors being caused by it12:40
jaegernor have I but I'm not sure where to look now12:41
aonnow someone needs to do the relevant changes in iso.git12:45
tilmandid you push your changes?12:45
juejaeger: our iso build stuff, 'make bootstrap', 'make iso' aso.13:02
jueas usual I've created a new partition on which I'm working via chroot13:05
juexfs filesystem btw.13:06
rehabdollhowcome its not possible to rsync core/2.5?13:07
tilmanrehabdoll: should be there in <5 minutes13:07
juejaeger: the only 'problem' I ran into was the rename of some kernel-modules13:09
juelike ide-cd -> ide-cd_mod13:09
jaegerjue: I'm moving my build to an xfs box now, was using reiserfs13:09
jueyeah an that one:
cptnwe'll have to update the rsync files in core/ports too13:11
cptnthey point to the 2.4 repos13:11
cptnso, one thing I was wondering today is whether we should include gnome, kde and xfce .rsync files on the ISO too13:21
cptninactive, like the contrib repository13:21
jueif we are talking only about the rsync files, that's ok for me ;-)13:27
cptnwell, maybe also commented out entries in prt-get.conf ;-)13:28
tilmancptn: what about the xf86-vidoe-intel patch btw?13:36
tilmandidn't you mean to push that? :p13:36
cptnI did13:36
cptnbut I'm having massive problems with my wifi atm13:37
cptnso I couldn't reach my workstation from work :-)13:37
cptnit's on my list for tonight though13:37
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cptnactually, I'm doing that right away13:42
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juejaeger: I've committed my changes to iso.git, please have a look at it. Maybe we need some more changes/additions to the initramfs stuff.14:03
jueused that script to create the file part of initramfs.lst:
jaegerlooks good at the moment14:09
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aonhi sepen14:36
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