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juegood morning03:04
sepenmorning jue03:06
juesomeone installed test1 already?03:07
sepentest1 available?03:07
sepenI can't ear it since now03:07
sepenjue, ghostscript installation issue
juenot really official yet03:08
sepenso I'm interesting on it, where I can find the image?03:09
juebut ->
sepenah ok03:09
cptnjue: I downloaded it yesterday, but didn't install it yet :-)03:09
* sepen downloading03:10
juesepen: cups installed?03:11
sepenjue, oops my bad, I remove it some time ago03:11
pitillofirst thing I can see in the test iso, swapon /dev/hda2 -> "Unable to find swap-space signature" "/dev/hda2 Invalid argument" Not sure if it's my fault03:50
juewell, first issue with test1: core/ports needs an update03:51
pitilloI think it's missed in /etc/rc /sbin/swapon -a03:52
pitillobtw, not sure if it's related to it03:52
sepenalso 128MB of RAM isn't enough for the installer, I have some 'write error, not space on device' messages03:52
juepitillo: seems you forgot a 'mkswap /dev/hda2'03:53
pitillojue, right, sorry03:53
sepenpitillo, rc calls to mount -va, then you need a swap definition also in the fstab03:53
pitillosepen, yep, I forgot to make the swap03:54
sepenpitillo, how many ram are you using?03:55
pitillosepen, 25603:55
sepencould you try with 128?03:55
pitilloyes, atm installing core packages, when it finish I will try with less ram03:56
sepenI tried one more time, and the messages still appeared when copying squashfs files03:58
sepenindeed, about 70megas are used, but I've a FAILED message :ยท(04:00
juesepen: you can try adding "noscsi nofirewire" etc.04:04
sepenno problems with 192MB04:04
sepenjue, yes Ill do04:04
sepenjue Imho it would be better if we have something like I have in my hacked iso: no autoloading modules04:06
sepenjust copied to the initrd04:06
sepenthen you could load whatever you need04:06
pitillosepen, same here, checking now removing all that options04:08
sepenjue, still the error appears * Copying files from squashfs ---> cp: write error: No space left on device04:08
sepenheheh we need a lot of ram for the installer (like ubuntu)04:09
pitillo128M noscsi nosata nousb nofirewire, same04:10
juewell, guess it's the same with 2.404:10
sepenI don't like it too04:10
sepenI like the old iso method (as Per wrote)04:10
sepenmaybe the init script could ask for (S)hell, (I)nstall, etc. like the openbsd installation04:11
sepenI mean before automate the pivot_root task04:12
sepenplease jue. don't take my words as an attack. Im trying to do constructive/positive criticisms04:15
juesepen: No :-) TBH I don't care that much about the install thing as long as it works. But everything is negotiable. I'd suggest to discuss this on crux-devel to have a broader audience.04:15
sepenyep +104:16
sepenI think that wait sometime before bump out a new release should be good too04:17
jueyes, discussing/changing the install stuff now would delay the 2.5 release IMO04:18
sepenwe really need squashfs?04:18
juesepen: ask Matt ;-)04:19
sepenthats the problem imho04:19
sepenand is not only the matt decission imho04:20
jueproblem of what, the high memory usage?04:21
sepenufff someone is asigning to all developers in FS04:23
sepenjue, yep04:24
sepenjue, but I mean that sometimes decissions should be discussed before implement nothing, I can't remember when squashfs (or the initram feature) was disussed04:25
sepenmaybe in the infrateam ML?04:25
jueno, Matt developed that for his updated ISO's and we decided to use it04:27
sepenimho isn't really kiss04:27
sepenbut well, sounds good your response04:28
jueas I said, let's discuss it on crux-devel04:30
cptnwell, I guess the primary reason was to avoid having to specify root=/dev/<somecdromdevice>04:31
cptnwhich cases problems for many users04:31
sepencptn, yes but automounting the rootfs isn't the only way for implementing04:32
cptnwell, I'm sure everyone's open to consider alternatives if they're known to work04:32
sepenin my own iso I use a minimal initrd, and then you can mount manually the rootfs and pivot_root04:32
sepenso you are free to load only the modules you need04:33
sepenthen mount the media device you need and pivot_root04:33
sepenwe don't need the whole system in the initram04:33
cptnokay, I was more referring to initramfs/initrd04:33
sepenimho the initramfs/init file is good for a livecd, but not for the crux base iso04:40
cptnwell, as I mentioned if there are alternatives available I'm sure people will consider them04:44
cptnpreviously, it was the "old" approach with the CD-ROM root problem, and Matt's04:44
cptnso the decision was easy04:44
cptnif we can simplify the iso without losing any functionality, that sounds great04:45
cptneven more if the memory requirements go down04:45
sepenyes and I'm according to these deccisions, but ATM I've some dudes04:45
sepen s/dudes/doubts04:46
teKbtw: I consider the CRUX Install ISO a LiveCD itself, too. Even though there's a somewhat limited program-base that's available ;)04:49
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sepenhehehe did you read sodamnmad's bugs05:03
treach"You have been assigned the following task:05:04
treachFS#363 - tightvnc port not working05:04
treachUser who did this - Johannes Winkelmann (jw)"05:04
treachshould mails like that really go to the list?05:05
sepentreach, cptn assigned it to me to avoid messages into the ML05:08
treachk, it was confusing.. for a moment I thougth they had been assigned to me. :p05:09
sepentreach, firstly was assigned to all crux developers05:18
sepenthat issue appears to be discussed in meetings too
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cptnmmmh, I guess those messages should go to crux-reports06:15
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aondo they really need to go to any list :)06:31
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