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pitillogood morning01:00
pitilloyesterday xorg finally was built fine (depinst xorg running scripts) Not sure if this report can be interesting for something01:01
pitilloI can start seting it up to test if all things work fine. If there is a need to test things I hope someone can tell me01:01
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pitillogood morning jue02:23
juewell, I'm sorry to say but the setup stuff on iso1 is rather broken ;-)02:25
pitillojue, in the way you talked here? I mean selecting all collections?02:26
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jueyes, the dep list is uncomplete as well02:29
pitilloummm my test was only installing core, sysup, and then xorg. I can build all opt ports as well or try to look for the dependencies file02:30
pitillohas someone checked only core+opt collections only?02:32
pitillowell, started a new VM here and testing them without xorg (to be sure if the problem with dependencies is with opt or start in xorg collection)02:36
pitilloboth collection selected and selected a few ports from xorg too, there isn't any problem with them02:55
pitillocleaning the image and starting with all 3 collections02:55
pitillothe image/the partition. Starting while taking a bite02:57
pitillowell I saw the error, I will take a look after the bite to the dependencies file02:58
cptnhey pitillo02:58
cptnjue updated the dependencies file in git already02:58
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pitilloummm interesting cptn, thank you, I am looking there but I don't now how to update in the iso03:19
pitilloI will try to find the way to do it03:19
pitillobrbrbrbr sleep 3 hours is hard, sorry for that question03:24
pitillousing find -name dependencies a bit mind slow this week03:24
sepenpitillo, <cptn> jue updated the dependencies file in git already03:24
sepenso you need to use the lastest git sources to build the iso03:25
pitillosepen, I will try updating the dependencies file into de VM03:25
sepens/build/before burn/03:25
pitillosepen, is that really necesary? I mean if it can not be done like I am saying03:25
pitilloupdating only the dependencies file03:26
sepenpitillo, just edit this file *before burn* the iso03:27
sepenso you'll need to mount the iso with -o loop and also the squashfs image (Where I think its located the file)03:29
sepenpitillo, you should read the iso.git/Makefile if you want to get knowledgements too03:30
pitillosepen, right, but I am not sure about that, I will try to update by hand that file in the VM. Btw, I must check that too, but is quite far from my knowledge too, you know03:34
pitillosepen, RO FS... now I understand03:36
sepen in the VM??? your cdrom image you mean? read only image?03:37
sepennot sure if it will do the tric03:37
pitillosepen, I tried to mv the cdrom/crux/setup.dependencies to setup.dependencies_old and it told me that it's a ro FS03:38
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pitillowell, I will try to do what you said, thank you03:41
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juetilman: ping06:54
tilmanjue: pong07:37
juefound a little bug, we have font-cursor-misc in the deplist of the xorg ports, but not in packages.xorg07:38
jueour setup is very picky here07:39
tilmanoh damn07:39
jueI can reproduce jaegers problem, it's caused by that07:40
juewell, I'll write a little check07:40
juefor now I've added font-cursor-misc to packages.xorg07:41
tilmanokay, feel free to commit/push that07:42
jueok, will upload a new iso soon07:42
tilmani'll install your test1 iso on the laptop today07:42
juewait for test2, please07:42
tilmanwhy is test1 257 mb when i removed all those xorg packages? :p07:43
juewe've added other stuf, like python, dbus etc07:44
tilmanah, right07:44
juecptn has found another bug in setup, hopefully the next go will be better07:45
cptntilman: we've added 57mb BASICS to the ISO07:47
jueI'm pretty sure it will07:47
tilmanthen let's remove non-basic crap like firefox :)07:47
cptnin think, we should touch /crux/BASICS :-)07:47
jueyeah, setup of a fresh install completed ATM07:48
jueuploading now, time left: 2:22:1608:04
cptnquick question:08:06
cptnfor some reason, I keep forcing my X setup to 75 dpi08:06
cptnanyone else doing that?08:06
cptnthe only reason I can see now is that I'd have to change font sizes in themes/qt/gtk when not doing so08:06
cptnwhich would be a one time thing08:06
juehow do you force it, with a Xft.dpi entry in .Xdefaults?08:09
cptnno, as an server argument in slim.conf08:09
tilmancptn: i use whatever x thinks its correct ;)08:10
cptnI think that was one of the reasons we even added that to slim ;-)08:10
juehmm, IMO the Xft.dpi entry seems to be the proper way to adjust font sizes08:12
juebut well, I'm rather thumb if we are talking about X, fonts etc.08:15
tilmancptn: setting the dpi to 75 results in larger fonts, right?08:17
cptnno, smaller ones08:17
tilmanwhy would you want that? ;)08:18
cptnwell, because at some point in time, I had a 75dpi display08:18
cptnand most of my dotfiles survived since then :-)08:18
cptnso without this, I have huge fonts08:19
cptnbut I guess it's time to address this :-)08:19
tilmanso you're just too lazy to fix your silly config files08:19
cptnand I kept telling myself that everyone else did the same :-)08:20
cptnbut I guess it's time for some spring cleaning08:20
sepenit's time ? when you want to release it?08:23
cptnwell, if -test2 has no obvious problems, we should announce it (as test2) this weekend08:24
cptnand ask maintainers to fix their ports for gcc 4.308:24
sepenjust I ask you a bit of calm08:27
sepenthings are better with calm08:27
tilmanwell, it says "test", right? ;D08:27
cptnyeah, it's a test release08:27
sepenjust I mean that the 2.5 don't need a deadline08:28
sepenforme its ok something like 2.5-rc7 if needed08:28
sepenbetter than release it08:28
tilmanif it works and has been tested, why should it be held back? :p08:29
cptnwell... as soon as some will be on 2.5, or a 2.5 like configuration, it's only a pain to keep 2.4 around08:29
sepentilman, how many people is testing it?08:29
tilmanwe'll see :p08:29
cptnit's not even out yet08:29
cptnso how can people have tested it?08:29
juetime left: 1:55:4508:29
sepenI just give you my point of view08:30
sepenalso I think we should have nightly_builds or similars to avoid spend time now08:31
sepenor monthly, ...08:31
cptnyou know nightly builds and stuff is fine08:31
cptnif someone does it08:31
cptnright now, no one does, so we have to cope with what we have08:31
sepenmaybe someone can bring us a server box08:32
sepennot for now, but consideer the posibility08:33
tilmannightly iso builds?08:33
tilmanis it worth it? :p08:33
sepenor weekly or monthly08:33
tilmanweekly, maybe :p08:33
cptnmonthly should be fine08:34
cptnor even one per quarter08:34
cptnbut regular updated isos would be nice08:34
sepenwell its no need to make all packages imho08:34
sepenjust a commit hook could do it08:34
cptnwell, if we wanted binary packages for everything we commit, we should build a binary distro08:35
sepenno no its not my idea08:35
sepenbut could be nice for network installations08:35
cptnwell, but networked installations are no different than regular ones08:36
cptnin terms of need for updated packages08:36
cptnmaybe I'm not understanding the idea08:36
sepenyep but you could use the same netinst.img with updated packages08:36
sepenand packages could be hosted (uptodate) in a mirror08:37
sepenjust a bunch of ideas, sorry for the offtopic question guys08:37
cptndon't be sorry :-)08:37
cptnit's just that if someone has a need for this, he should do this08:38
sepenok maybe its not the time for this discussion08:38
cptnbut I don't think anything is stopping anyone from doing so08:38
sepenwell, ATM we have a 200MB of iso, so a netinst.iso could be around 30MB and using packages hosted uptodate in a mirror08:38
tilmansepen: it's not off topic08:39
sepenmaybe I can explain my idea08:39
cptnI see your idea08:39
tilmaniirc jaeger once built a netinst iso, right?08:39
cptnbut I see netinst more as an extension for the current process08:39
sepenI think it would be better for our time08:39
cptnnot a replacement08:39
sepenyep of course08:39
cptnwell, the approach we have now is good since it's a well defined state we release08:40
sepenand also a usbdisk images or floppies if someone contribute them08:40
cptnand this can be tested08:40
cptnif you do a netinst at a random moment from the latest packages, you never know08:40
tilmanmaybe once we feel that 2.5 is ready(ish) we could look at the usb image together08:40
sepenhmm sure08:40
tilmanand release both the regular iso and the usb thingy at the same time08:40
sepencptn, the problem would be with upgrade setup08:40
sepennice point08:40
sepentilman, I think it could be done inside the iso too08:41
sepena usbdisk image could use about 20MB without packages08:41
cptnIMO, it would be nice to have the releases as is08:41
cptnand officially "updated ISOs" like Matt used to do it08:41
cptnmaybe one per quarter08:41
cptnand we could use the same package base for netinst08:42
cptnwith the same netinst ISO, of course08:42
juetest2 is post-processed with isohybrid, dunno if that works though08:42
sepen+1 so08:42
cptnbut you'd install 2.5-u1 etc08:42
sepenjue, isohybrid don't work for all machines I test08:42
cptnbut I wouldn't have a dynamic package repository which gets all the latest packages08:43
sepenwell only works for one shuttle barebone here08:43
cptnfor testability reasons08:43
sepencptn, I see your point08:43
sepenjust was an idea :-)08:43
sepenand the idea dissapear if the're good reasons against :)08:44
cptnwell, the post-commit was just one part :-)08:44
sepenhooks rocks!!08:45
cptnI like the netinst idea08:45
sepenmaybe for the next one08:45
cptnbut I'd just not do it from a constantly updated repository08:45
sepenI'm also working on new setup features too08:45
sepenyeah it could be dangerous08:45
sepenohh time for work, my boss is around me08:46
* cptn has the day off08:46
tilmansepen: :D08:46
sepenhehe but this afternoon Ill be alone in my home08:46
jueI'm away for 2-3 hours, test2 ->
tilmanbye jue08:48
sepenohh guys I forgot that I developed an office motivator app
sepenby jue08:49
tilmanImportError: No module named pygtk08:51
sepenso funny, edit the config file and then use it, it motivates you :-)08:51
tilmanlooks promising thoug08:51
sepenyou need pygtk off course08:51
tilmanyeah, i know08:52
sepenwhen having some time Ill implement a systray feature :-)=08:52
sepenhmm another way to doing this?: PORT=foo; deps="$(finddeps $PORT)"; for i in $deps; do [ ! "$(prt-get deptree $PORT | grep $i)" ] && echo "$i" ; done09:05
sepenI mean using prt utils or something09:05
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jaegerholy crap, the iso build I started right after I said fuck it yesterday actually worked09:11
jaegertoo bad it's out of date now09:11
sepenthere not exists a deadline. right? so no worries09:18
tilmanthere, new xorg stuff \o/09:20
jaegerit just annoys me a lot09:21
tilmanjaeger: so you finally found a box that was able to bootstrap the iso?09:22
sepentilman, duplicated lines for cruxbot due to merges maybe?09:22
tilmannot duplicated09:22
tilmanlook closely09:22
tilmanthe branch name is included in the cruxbot message/spam09:22
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jaegertilman: it's the same box, actually, reinstalled with XFS09:25
jaegertilman: but it failed once on stage2 and then worked after that09:25
jaegercheck that out if you want to see the fail09:27
jaegerit's odd09:27
tilmanis that the right file? the log looks okay to me09:29
sepenme too09:29
sepenmake[3]: Entering directory `/src/ports/xorg/xorg-xvinfo/work/src/xvinfo-1.0.2'09:30
sepenmake[3]: warning: jobserver unavailable: using -j1.  Add `+' to parent make rule.09:30
cptn=======> ERROR: Building '/src/ports/xorg/xorg-server/xorg-server#1.5.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.09:30
cptnxf86RamDac.h:61: error: stray '\16' in program09:31
sepenafter config.status: executing depfiles commands09:31
jaegerI'm guessing a -j2 is the culprit but still odd09:31
cptnline 29146009:31
jaegernow that one has worked I'm running another one with updates to see if it's stable09:36
* tilman wants to hack on something09:37
cptntilman: need an idea?09:37
jaegerI'd prefer to find that -j2 broke my shit than bad hardware09:37
jaegerand reiserfs, though I've never had trouble with it before09:37
tilmanjaeger: looks like filesystem or hardware failure to me09:38
jaegerit was definitely fs failure the first times09:38
jaegerthat weird file that had ? ? ?????? for owner, group, and permissions09:38
tilmanthe compiler run wouldn't write those source files09:38
jaegerthat happened twice on reiserfs09:38
tilmanso why should it suddenly find odd bytes in there? :p09:38
jaegerthe failed build on xfs used -j2, the successful one didn't09:38
tilmancptn: dunno, i have lots of stuff to do ;)09:38
tilmanjaeger: mmh09:38
cptntilman: well, skip that09:39
cptntilman: and write a album browser for esperanza ;-)09:39
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tilmani wanted to play with mono/ originally09:41
tilmanbut after trying to build mono-doc i realized that it sucks sooo much09:42
tilmanother options include playing with haskell09:45
tilmanor working on libpkgutils ;)09:45
cptnlet's vote09:50
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cptnI'm for the esperanza ports browser09:51
ircuser+1 on that09:51
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tilmancptn: did you mean to say _ports_ browser? :p09:52
cptnerr, no09:53
cptnbut it seems that other guy would like it too09:53
cptnand we should not make him angry09:53
tilmanyou're familiar with qt, right?09:54
cptnyeah :-)09:54
tilmanwould you like to review esperanza's playlist drag&drop code and find out why it doesn't work in win32?09:55
tilmanyou can actually drag stuff. but when you drop it, the playlist item doesn't actually move09:55
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tilmanit works in linex09:55
tilmanso, it's a challenge ;)09:55
cptnI never did anything with qt4 on win3209:56
cptnbut it sounds intriguing09:56
cptnhowever, I won't be at work for the next three weeks09:57
cptnso I won't have any need to boot win32 :-)09:57
tilmanRotwang: would you like to do it instead? ;)09:58
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Rotwangno, thank you ;]10:00
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tilmanwhy is test2 10+ mb bigger than test1?10:23
cptnno idea10:24
cptneven more BASICS?10:24
Rotwangits about time crux goes with BASICS10:26
tilmanlooks like the upload's finished10:33
tilman270 mb o_O10:33
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teK .. any comments? :)10:57
tilmanwhen does /proc/modules not exist?11:00
teKif your kernel won't support modules11:02
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sepennice, downloading test2 :-)11:17
juetilman: cdrkit or better cmake/libcap/libattr11:46
tilmanah, i see11:47
sepenI've some read input/output errors with squashfs on vbox yet12:09
sepenbut now using 256MB, maybe is a vbox issue12:09
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sepenis nipuL maintaing the portdb ?13:28
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sepentilman, could be good to add dbus as dependency of xorg-server? I've some errors with the new xfce desktop16:02
sepenFailed to connect to Xfconf daemon: dbus-launch failed to autolaunch D-Bus session: Autolaunch requested, but X11 support not compiled in.16:02
sepen /usr/bin/X is not linked with dbus, but could be nice to have16:03
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