IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2008-10-18

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cptnI should go back to wired ethernet again :-/03:26
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nipuLheh, you should try wireless with nfs mounted home05:57
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tilmandid anyone touch opt.git/refs/heads/master.lock on purpose?08:44
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jaegerfor what it's worth, my 2.5 build box seems to be stable now. 2 successful bootstraps so far14:30
tilmani just changed xulrunner to use the new /etc/ thing15:35
tilmanshould poke jue about doing the same for mysql15:35
tilmanoh fuck15:37
tilman*.git/refs/heads is suddenly much more empty than it should be15:37
tilmani ran git gc on crux.nu15:44
tilmanmight be related :|15:45
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tilmandoesn't seem to be critical15:51
tilmanaon: btw, there's wine 1.0.115:52
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aoni don't have any crux boxes here15:53
aoni'll update it when i get back to my place15:53
tilmanheh, okay15:53
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jaegerhrmm... libcap can't find -lcap :P awesome20:27
jaegerI get an error message loading ide-generic.ko, wonder what's up with that. (2.5 iso)21:21
jaegerwow, haven't seen the "unable to open initial console" shit in a long time22:01
jaegerthat one was my own fault but still, been a while22:17

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