IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2008-10-19

nipuLthere's wine 1.1.601:35
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tilman1.1 is the development/unstable branch03:35
tilmanwe should probably bump our kernel headers to 2.6.27, no? :p04:05
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rehabdoll allows dvdrwtools to build with gcc4.306:26
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cptnlast day before my military service...12:48
tilmanswitzerland o_O12:50
tilmancptn: how many weeks is that? just one?12:50
Rotwangcptn: what rank do you have?12:51
cptnI'm just a soldier12:51
cptnwe have to serve a certain amount of days12:51
tilmanat what age will you not have to attend to this every year anymore?12:51
cptntill the age of 3412:52
cptnso if I did all my days before that, I don't have to go anymore12:52
tilmanah, so you could choose to do 2 * 3 weeks a year or something like that?12:52
cptnwell, theortically this would work12:53
cptnbut typically your employer won't like that :-)12:53
aonyou don't get promotions by reservist activity?12:53
cptnaon: no :-)12:54
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aoni can theoretically go 5 ranks up :)12:57
tilmangeneral aon :o13:05
* Rotwang is a corporal ;D13:05
aonthat'd be 16 ranks13:06
tilmanokay, i was slightly off13:06
aon(or alternatively i'd have to be a lieutenant colonel atm)13:06
aon(i'm not)13:06
cptnon a more offtopic note, I installed test2 yesterday13:15
cptnwhich worked fine13:15
tilmani used test2 to do an update, worked fine as well13:15
tilmani see that the handbook already got updated for the locale generation thing13:16
tilmandid you do that?13:17
cptnI suddenly lacked umlauts13:17
cptnluckily jue helped me13:17
cptnsepen: what kind of configuration did you use there?13:20
sepen256M but using vbox13:20
cptndoes it work if you add more ram?13:21
sepenI wait for tonight to test the iso directly on a pc13:21
sepencptn, not tested yet, sorry13:21
sepenIll do, one (or more) minute13:21
aoni shall try to put test2 on this laptop some day soon13:22
cptnI think it would be good to annouce -test2 to -devel and -contrib13:22
cptnand to ask maintainers to start testing their ports13:22
jaegercrux 2.5 seems solid for me, so far14:09
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cptnokay, I'm off for the week15:35
cptngood night :-)15:35
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