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nipuLsepen: did you manage to compile mplayer 27725?06:05
sepenohh no no, well Im using it on my desktop pc at home, but not really sure06:09
sepenI can check it at night06:09
juenipuL: btw,
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tilmanjue: you probably should tweak opt/mysql to create /etc/ instead of talking about in README10:19
tilmanjue: on the 2.5 branch i mean10:19
tilmanjue: something like without the formatting errors and a proper footprint update :D10:21
sepentilman, did you read my comments about dbus and xorg?10:21
tilmanoh, yes10:22
sepenI was wrong?10:22
tilmansepen: i think that needs more discussion10:22
sepenI've a fresh install that cannot start dbus10:22
tilmani think that decision shouldn't be taken lightly :D10:22
tilmani thought the problem was with xfce?10:22
sepenyep, but the fact is that on my desktop I've /usr/bin/X with dbus linked10:22
sepentilman, xfce?10:23
tilmandidn't you say the problem was related to xfce?10:23
sepenjust ldd'ing /usr/bin/X10:23
sepennot only related to xfce10:23
sepenbut I discovered it using xfce, right10:23
tilmanthe problem is that on the test2.iso, Xorg is linked to dbus?10:24
sepenthe new xfce uses a xfconfd utility which requires dbus, so I have an error saying that my X isn't linked with dbus10:24
sepentilman, is not in the test2 iso only10:24
sepenand the problem is that is not linked to dbus10:24
tilmanjesus, you just said /usr/bin/X was linked against libdbus10:24
sepenI've a computer where I've this for X10:25
juetilman: thanks, it's on my todo list10:25
tilmansepen: so you suggest adding --with-dbus to xorg-server? :p10:25
sepentilman, wait, I'll arrive to home at 18.00 or 18.30, I'll report then10:25
sepentilman, yep if needed10:25
tilmansepen: ok10:25
sepenok so wait10:25
tilmanjue: upgrade from 2.4->2.5 using test2 worked great btw10:25
sepenIm going to home at 17.30, (just now910:26
jueok, fine10:26
sepen$ ldd /usr/bin/X| grep dbus10:26
sepen => /usr/lib/ (0xb7d85000)10:26
sepentilman this is my box here, at office10:26
sepenhere it was installed by selecting all core, opt and xorg packages10:27
sepenbut in my last installation (where I'm in troubles) I prt-get dep-installed all that I need10:27
tilman"here, at office" == 2.5-test2?10:28
sepenno no10:28
sepen2.3 -> to 2.410:28
sepentilman, is not a particular thing of 2.5-testX, but a general issue imho10:29
tilmanyes, i just wondered whether in the bootstrapping of the iso, xorg-server ended up being built with dbus support :)10:29
juesepen: _not_ the X on test210:29
sepenjust I need to try newly :-(10:30
sepenwell time to left out, bbl10:30
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tilmani need a sepen-filter for irssi ;)10:30
tilmanthat fixes the grammar/vocabulary mixups :p10:30
treachor you could retaliate by replying in spanish. :p10:31
tilmanmy spanish isn't good enough10:31
treacheven better. :>10:31
tilmani wonder if we'd offend anyone by making xorg-server depend on dbus10:32
tilmanand hal10:32
tilmanand all that crap10:32
treachprobably. otoh, if it breaks stuff if it's not there, I'd say there's not much to do about it.10:32
tilmanplus input hotplug might be a cool feature for some people10:33
pitilloit can be a good point to discuss in the next meeting (if there are some povs over that)10:33
tilmanpitillo: yep, i thought the same. i just need to read up on it abit more :D10:33
juetilman: you remember my comment wrt libarchive/libattr?10:34
pitillowell, I can't help too much about (I think all my desktops using X are built with dbus/hal support)10:34
tilmanjue: damn, i forgot about that. what was the problem?10:34
juemom, quoting from 16.1010:35
juefresh build of all core ports with installed libcap/libattr shows that only libarchive links against libattr10:35
juetilman: seems that should add --disable-xattr to libarchive10:35
tilmani'll power up the laptop in a bit and fix that10:35
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sepenjust Ill install the test2 directly and try the same11:23
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thrice`hi :)  I'd like to report a successful 2.4 core -> 2.5 update using test211:23
juethrice`: thanks for the report :-)11:25
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jaegerI tested 2.5 in a vbox vm with 256M RAM, no problems11:51
sepenhmm I've 1G on the host11:54
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sepenI upgrade a box 2.4 -> 2.5 with some issues
sepenI think I know where is the problem12:17
tilmanlooks like the gcc upgrade broke somehow12:17
sepenI was using a prt-locked gcc port, and also having compiled the lastest xorg sources on it12:18
sepenRotwang, yes prt-get locked12:19
sepenthis box is older (p800 196mb) and gcc takes a lot of time12:20
sepenthe box has this scenario: 1 - installed from 2.4 and prt-get lock gcc; 2 - prt-get dep-install'ed xorg; 3 - upgraded to 2.5 (I doubt xorg was upgrade if I have the lastest one)12:22
sepenso my xorg binaries are pointing wrongly I suppose12:22
tilmanerm, i think you just need to upgrade gcc from the test2 iso12:23
tilmanand everything will be fine :P12:23
sepenbut I upgraded all packages listed in the dialog window12:24
sepenall core, opt and xorg packages previously installed12:24
sepenmaybe I should force the upgrade for the xorg packages, maybe?12:24
tilmanisn't it obvious that xorg has been updated? :p12:25
tilmanotherwise it would still start12:26
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sepen$ pkginfo -o
sepenpkginfo: no owner(s) found12:46
tilmanpkgadd -u /test2.iso/crux/core/gcc*.pkg.tar.gz12:46
sepensame result12:47
sepenseems that it is not provided by any package12:47
tilmanit *is* provided by gcc12:47
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sepenooh tilman I found the problem12:48
sepenthe tarball is broken, at least in my burned iso12:49
tilmansepen: pkgadd did not report any error?12:50
sepenfile core/gcc#4.3.2-1.pkg.tar.gz12:51
sepencore/gcc#4.3.2-1.pkg.tar.gz: gzip compressed data, from Unix, last modified: Thu Oct 16 19:47:23 200812:51
tilmansounds like pkgadd is broken, too :D12:51
sepen$ du -hs core/gcc#4.3.2-1.pkg.tar.gz12:51
sepen14M     core/gcc#4.3.2-1.pkg.tar.gz12:51
sepenis right that?12:51
tilmani don't know :P12:52
tilmandon't have the iso mounted12:52
sepenI think not12:52
sepensame error after copying the file to /tmp and pkgadd -u12:52
sepentilman, wait sounds like I had an error burning the iso12:55
tilmanyes :)12:55
sepenI mounted it with loop and the package is right12:55
tilmansorry, i thought you realized that 5 minutes ago :P12:55
sepensorry for the flooding12:55
juewell, looks like our test2 works reasonable well so far13:31
juetilman: what do you think, are we ready to ann it in crux-devel?13:31
tilmanannounce test2, or announce it as an RC?13:32
tilmanoka,y go ahead13:32
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jaegerthe vboxvideo x driver doesn't seem to like 2.5's xorg setup :P14:23
jaegerI wonder if it just doesn't work with xorg-server 1.5 yet14:25
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nipuLwth, apparently i've diverged from the 2.4 branch somehow16:04
RotwangnipuL: hi16:04
Rotwanghow is going w/ portdb? ;]16:04
nipuLwould be better if i wasn't so damn busy16:05
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sepennipuL, I need to update my rsync files in portdb too16:45
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nipuLirc isn't the best place to be telling me this stuff17:06
Rotwangwhat is? ;]17:08
treachthe right tool for sending stuff to .au... rsync? :p17:08
nipuLif you send me an email i'm less likely to forget17:09
nipuLor miss the message entirely17:10
RotwangnipuL: I've sent you like two emails17:10
nipuLyour's is the lxde one right?17:10
nipuLfor some reason the portdb update didn;t like that one17:12
Rotwangbut, why?17:12
Rotwangthere is one of my repos at the portdb17:12
nipuLni, the script doesn't provide any feedback17:12
nipuLthat's why17:14
nipuLjust let me check who's fault this is ;)17:15
nipuL... sometimes imap can be a pain17:15
nipuLok, my bad17:16
Rotwanghehe :)17:18
nipuLshould show up on the next run, sorry about that17:18
Rotwangk, thanks17:18
nipuLhmm, might have a crack at building a 2.5-multilib iso this weekend17:20
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nipuLjust an idea ...
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