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pitillotilman, libdrm moven to contrib in 2.5?01:45
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sepentilman, are you doing the git-rsync changes proposed changes?08:24
sepenuups (I repeat changes. changes) :-)08:25
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tilmanpitillo: wtf? libdrm in contrib? o_O? :)10:12
tilmansepen: i think cruxbot should be monitoring contrib already. mmh.10:13
sepenwell I don't have more commits for today :-)10:15
tilmanwhich branch did you commit to?10:16
sepenand the meeting reminder for today?10:16
sepentilman, 2.410:16
tilmanthat should have worked10:16
sepenI think I should push my changes on contrib 2.4 until rc1 will be released10:16
pitillotilman, sorry, nevermind (I don't know if this is the correct word or forget it)10:16
tilmansepen: which commit was it?10:17
tilmanpitillo: okay10:17
sepentilman, geany and lmms prots10:17
tilmanmmh, i don't see those in the cruxbot log10:17
sepenyeah but they appears in the gitweb;a=summary10:18
sepenjust I said that cruxbot was stalled10:19
sepenso my last changeset aren't monitored by the bot10:19
tilmansepen: you can send the meeting reminder if you wish :)10:34
sepenjust Im going to home all days at 17.3010:36
sepenbut I suppose that we have a meeting today10:36
tilmani think so10:37
sepenwell, bbl10:37
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sepenimho I think that would be nice to review all pkgutils related tickets at FS before release the iso, and discard some others, maybe for the next meeting?13:28
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sepenit seems that nobody is here today13:30
tilmansorry, i'm kind of there13:31
tilmani'd really like to think of the pkgutils-and-symlinks bug as a feature13:31
sepenis not only about this ticket13:33
sepenand a nice discussion could be derivate on close a lot of tickets13:34
tilmanmost of those tickets are still valid imo13:35
sepenyea, most'' so we could close the others :-)13:35
tilmanwhich ones would you close?13:36
sepenI think I don't have the issue reported13:37
tilmando you have /usr/var at all? :p13:40
juewell, I think that the symlink handling of pkgutils should be carefully revised13:40
jue/usr/var is a symlink to /var13:41
sepentilman, I made a symlink on a chrooted environment , not my desktop pc13:41
tilmanapparently my system is broken13:41
tilmani don't have /usr/var :p13:41
tilmanjue: thought so ;)13:41
sepen$ pkginfo -o usr/var13:41
sepenPackage     File13:41
sepenfilesystem  usr/var13:41
tilmandon't touch pkgutils at all13:41
tilmanerr, 1. ^^^^^13:42
tilman2.) make sure tilman finished libpkgutils13:42
sepen$ touch tilman13:42
tilman3.) all errors will magically be fixed13:42
tilman4.) ???13:42
tilman5.) PROFIT!13:42
sepencould I vote?13:42
tilmanseems we could close #50 though13:43
tilmanthat one really seems boring :P13:43
sepenyep +113:44
sepenMan0l0 provides a nice patch13:45
tilmani remember that i poked him about the patch on IRC some months ago13:46
tilmannot sure the patch is really correct13:46
aonme neither13:46
aonsomeone should check that out13:46
tilmanyeah, i hoped manolo could do the testing ;)13:46
sepenunforntunately man0l0 seems in vancaces13:47
sepen*vacances xD13:47
tilmanon holidays ;)13:47
sepenwell, dissapeared13:47
aondamn my jaw hurts, someone left a rake really nicely in our warehouse and i stepped on it in the cliche comedy way13:47
sepenI could do also a test and report all results13:48
sepenbut well not closed for now13:48
treachsepen: "on vacancy"  ;)13:48
tilmani think manolos's patch will result in the linking being undone13:48
tilmanie you end up with two copies of the zipped man page13:48
tilmani think13:48
aoncould be13:50
juehmm, I don't understand the ticket, we have hardlinked man-pages13:51
sepenIll try to write a Pkgfile and all the stuff for doing more tests on it13:51
sepenyeah, where? x)13:52
juehave a look at man3/cap_*13:52
tilmansepen: use core/ed and remove the sed line13:52
sepen$ ls -li usr/man/man1/*14:00
sepen36281 -rw-r--r-- 1 sepen users 7.0K Aug  5  2007 usr/man/man1/ed.1.gz14:00
sepen36282 -rw-r--r-- 1 sepen users 7.0K Aug  5  2007 usr/man/man1/red.1.gz14:00
sepenyep, curious14:00
sepenmaybe a more complex patch with some time :)14:00
aoni guess u should find mans (men? :)) with matching inodes, then remove one of them and link that to a gzipped version of the other14:02
sepen<tilman> 3.) all errors will magically be fixed14:03
juesorry, was wrong with the libcap man-pages14:08
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rehabdollhow do i make a commit-msg over multiple lines?16:11
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